Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Reisen

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May 062014

Captain’s log, stardate 91945.53. After a month of being on shore leave, whole crew of U.S.S. Reisen is now back on ship, refreshed and ready. After conducting full ship system check, we took off from Earth Spacedock and into our first assingment – defending Dyson Sphere from the Undine.screenshot_2014-05-06-18-42-13Reisen ready for warp jump

Biggest change that has been made on Reisen is Sensor Analysis change, which was modified as an toggle passive instead of pure passive. Change is welcomed, though I yet have to see the effect of it; while old Sensor Analysis algorithm gave our weapons up to 33% damage boost, breaking a weapon lock would mean all that bonus damage is lost and we have to analyse target all over again. With new algorithm, that is no longer required; however, instead of damage boost, we now have the capability of reducing all heals on analysed target.

Second change is in traits. After carefully consider all options with senior staff, we tuned our systems to this:

Reisen trait configuration

Our power levels are currently 112/53/49/93, which means that Auxiliary systems provide 4.7% increase in shield and hull points, plus 16.1 point to all resistances, making that defense boost more favorable than simple 7.5% increase in hull hit points. Having high weapon and auxiliary power gives more offensive tools without really sacrificing defense. We also have also secured the means to keep high auxiliary in case our auxiliary systems are endangered. We’ll probably replace Omega Graviton Amplifier with something from the Undine Reputation if it becomes good enough.

As we arrived in space battlezone, I was… suprised with the amount of work Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Republic already did in order to contain Undine threat. Challenge was sufficient, yet simple enough – as we teamed with other ships, containing Undine and destroying Planet Killers was… enjoyable… task, despite its challenge. Voth assault which followed after destroying Planet Killers made me comment: “What will they do to us, tickle us to death?”. Commander Tuvamu burst out in laugher – can’t blame her, she’s a Klingon after all, and a damn good Chief Engineer who saved Reisen multiple times.

Reisen attacking Undine

After dealing with the Voth Assault, Admiral Tuvok invited us to help him with the Jenolan Conference. I probably don’t need to describe the chaos that started during the conference; other captains were probably there as well. All I say is – during the Battle at Qo’Nos, Reisen was for the first time challenged as numerous Undine ships attacked. As Reisen was on the brink of destruction, Commander Tuvamu pulled off a miracle and barely managed to keep it intact by drawing last ounce of power for shields to buy rest of the senior staff just enough time to activate Hazard Emitters and allow their Science and Tactical teams to do their job. And honestly, someone on Bortasqu’ should help Captain Koren chill out or she’ll suffer from heart attack!

Reisen flying through space Ulaan chillin'

Now, with that chaos behind us, we’re back onto our routine. Exploring the space, keeping peace, responding to distress calls… all usual. 101st Imperial Fleet is also quiet for some time… and that worries me. I wonder what will be with the war against us now that new accord has been signed. But, until then… I think I’ll do the unusual and rest a little in my ready room. No one visits me there anyway.

Ulaan out.

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Testing the Science destroyer

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Feb 202014

Captain’s log, stardate 91744.68.

U.S.S. Reisen has returned to the Dyson Joint Command after a successful exploration of Undine space. There, a newly developed Solanae class has been offered for all Starfleet captains for testing and, if they want, flying. Curious because of it’s type being “Science Destroyer” and for my science training at the Academy, I took the opportunity to try it.

Captain's chair on Dyson Bridge


After settleing into what I think is Captain chair (whole bridge is… confusing), and after my crew also managed to find their places, we started a simulation where Starfleet starbase is attacked, using the same equipment as on Reisen as it’s most efficient equipment my ships have, except for one minor modification – one of the Particle Generators were replaced with Flow Capacitors. Bridge officers on active duty during the simulation were:

Commander Takerra: Tactical Team I, Attack Pattern Delta I, Attack Pattern Beta II, Attack Pattern Omega III *

Commander Carrol: Torpedo: Spread I

Commander Wade: Emergency Power to Shields I, Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field I

Commander Sasla: Science Team I, Energy Siphon I, Tyken Rift II, Charged Particle Burst III *

Commander Jiral: Hazard Emitters I, Tractor Beam II

We’ve tried to capitalize on the Secondary Deflector‘s drain enhancing capabilities. I also ordered 100/25/25/50 adjustment to ship power levels, which resulted in 109/50/47/90 power levels. Not bad.

Solanae responding to attacks

 First impressions were… okayish. Ship fires and flies like Reisen; science power selection could be better (I instantly missed my favorite, Gravity Well III). With Attack Patterns Beta II Solanae’s Plasma Beams could somewhat match the damage of Reisen, thus somewhat negating the lack of 4th Vulnerability Locator. All in all, nice ship.

Then we switched to Tactical mode.

I, as a captain, was completely suprised, in the negative way. Thanks to the Solanae Dual Heavy Proton Cannons, ship is forced to either be pointed toward the target whole time (disabling the usage of aft beams), or to manuever whole time in order to allow firing from all 7 weapons. That makes it extremely ineffective without specially tuning equipment to match ship’s capabilities.

What we did in the end was swapping to Tactical mode, firing Attack Pattern Omega III then immediately reverting back to the Science mode, as it was most efficient on a beam equiped science destroyer.

Based on those tests, I conclude that only 2 builds are actually viable:

  1. Antiproton build – 3x (Fleet) Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons fore; Antiproton Omni-beam, Kinetic Cutting Beam, (Fleet) Antiproton Turret aft. Possible swap of 1 DHC fore for torpedo launcher and KCB aft for AP turret.
  2. (Protonic) Drain build – 3x (Fleet/Protonic) Polaron Dual Heavy Cannons fore; (Fleet/Protonic) Polaron Beam Array, Kinetic Cutting Beam, (Fleet/Protonic) Polaron Turret aft. Also possible to incorporate Experimental Proton set.

First one basically goes for highest damage possible, with Omni-beam providing capability of using Subsystem Targeting abilities during Science mode. Second one is drain (and/or Proton) based build which should also be effective due to protonic affinity of the ship.

In the end, I decided to keep the ship and filed a request for antiproton weapons to the Fleet. When the eqipment comes, I’ll run some more tests to see how effective it is and, based on that, maybe I file a request for new Science Destroyer classes. Also, it seems few more secondary deflectors are in development, so I need to test them as well once I manage to get my hands on them.

Until then, my flagship remains my old, trusted U.S.S. Reisen…

Fleet Captain Ulaan out.

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These are the voyages…

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Nov 222013

…of the captain Ulaan and his crew.

Captain’s personal log, Stardate 91496.64.

We’re currently heading to the Zemat system in order to investigate the reports of the Undine infiltrating our space. As we’re still in the Tau Dewa sector and have nothing to do on the trip, I decided to take some time and look over my career.

Stardate 90769: I have completed my Starfleet training and have graduated from the Acadamy. As my first assigment, I am to be stationed on board of the U.S.S. Sakura as a part of their science team.

U.S.S. Sakura

Stardate 90707: Four days ago our ship was suddenly attacked by the Borg near the Bhea system. Almost all crew, all of the senior officers including, have died in the attack, leaving few of the us – tactical officer Ensign Takerra D’viv, engineering officer ensing Thorol Ishlib and fellow science officer Jiral – to man the starship in order to survive. After I assumed command, with assistance of the ship’s computer and emergency medical hologram to help me in making decisions, we managed to survive until few other Starfleet vessels have arrived.

Yesterday, on behalf of the captain of the U.S.S. Zuikaku, Admiral Aaron Lawford, I have been promoted to the rank of Liutenant and assigned to 101st Fleet and been given a new ship, U.S.S. Yakumo to command as its captain. It was an old starship model, Class Nova, but we managed to outfit it with the latest equipment we could get. Which would usually be considered junk, but it was good enough to help us survive through various encounters with Klingons.

U.S.S. Yakumo

Stardate 90725: After resolving problems on New Romulus, I was promoted to Liutenant Commander and given command of the new Olympic class starship, U.S.S. Tomoyo. By my personal taste, its design is… weird… and looks more appopriate to medical ship, rather than Research Science Vessel. Together with my promotion, ensigns Takerra, Thorol and Jiral were promoted to the rank of Liutenant. As we transferred there and performed some routine patrol missions inside Sirius and Regulus sector blocks, we became accustomed to its design and capabilities. Science officer Ensign Yong joined the rank of bridge officers with her impressive medical knowledge.


Stardate 90734: Another promotion, this time to the rank of Commander. Together with the promotion, I was given command of the Intrepid class ship U.S.S. Mavis, the younger sister of the legendary U.S.S. Voyager. Also, two new bridge officers reported for duty: tactical officer Liutenant Commander Carrol Dewayne Bawner and engineering officer Liutenant Commander Tuvamu. All old bridge officers also got their promotions to Liutenant Commander.

Stardate  90768: The U.S.S. Mavis has found a unique anomaly on the way towards Zeta Andromedae block, where it was sent on the diplomatic mission. We will stop and examine it as it appears to be a very rare phenomenon. My science officers cannot explain it; nor can I as a scientist. I just hope we wo… … … ucki… … in… … can’t… … …pe-

Stardate 91450: Five days ago U.S.S. Mavis and its crew managed to return out of the temporal distorsion intact. When anomaly has sucked us in, it sent us to the uncharted, unexplored part of galaxy. Almost all our equipment was damaged in some way and it took us a month to repair it all. While we were finding our way back home, we found some amazingly formed systems. Finally, after three months, another anomaly – similar which sent us there – opened again near our position. Once we flew in, we ended up near Sol systems badly damaged.


U.S.S. Mavis has been docked and scheduled for repairs. In the meanwhile, we were immediately assign to a brand new class Luna ship, whose name I had honor to choose. I called it U.S.S. Reisen, based on one peculiar lunar rabbit with a unique ability I met on one of the moons during our little… adventure… in the uncharted galaxy. U.S.S. Reisen camed with a plasma weapons to be able to better fight off the Borg.

After giving my report, 2 days ago I was fully promoted to Captain. U.S.S. Mavis’ repairs were halfway finished, but I was allowed to remain on board of the U.S.S. Reisen together with all of my bridge officers. We became fond of the ship and were suprised how… how should I say… is responsive to our wishes. I forsee that we’ll be together for a long time.

Stardate 91496: U.S.S. Reisen is still active inside 101st Fleet, with all its crew. She (the ship) was recently outfitted with the latest equipment from the Fleet’s starbase – a 4 Advanced Plasma beam arrays and 2 Elite science consoles, coupled with Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo launcher and an Aegis equipment set. We also found some Engineering consoles inside Dyson Sphere and decided to use them as well to bolster our defensive capabilities in case someone attacks us. We had numerous encounters with various species, even more diplomatic and peaceful assignments, and even some fights alongside other members of the Fleet.

U.S.S. Reisen in front of Fleet Starbase

While we’re doing our regular missions – helping Romulans, exploring the Dyson Sphere, repeling constant attacks of Elachi, Borg and Voth, Starfleet sent me a plan for the new ship which I will be entrusted with once it’s complete. I do not know how will it look as the blueprints still aren’t finished, but I already have a name for it: U.S.S. Kaguya, based on the old Earth story from the ancient Japan about a girl who was found as an infant in a stalk of bamboo, became beautiful princess while raised by foster parents, and later became immortal and ascended to the Moon.

Ulaan out.


P.S. I tried to follow my promotions based on the promotions inside the fleet, with the exception of the rank Liutenant, not in game’s promotions since I got to Vice Admiral in approx 2 weeks of playing, which is too fast. Also, due to that, the amount of time I was a captain of each of the ship also off.
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