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Nov 182013

Welcome aboard Odyssey Class star ship U.S.S. Queen Mary C.

As she enters the final stages of her construction i thought i give the fleet a quick tour of the ship.


Queen Mary busy corridor

As you can see the ship is busy with engineers from  Utopia Planitia fleet yard and the U.S.S  Zuikaku working hard to get the ship up and running and ready to join operational status with the 101st fleet.


computer core

The latest lARCS computer system has just been installed and has been fully integrated into the ship.


Queen Mary C tactical systems display


The weapon system have been fitted and are operational.


new bridge 1

On the main bridge all system report ready U.S.S. Queen Mary will start her trials within the next few days and will officially go into active service on the 27th of November.

I hope you enjoyed the brief tour of the ship and hope to see you all soon.



101st Fleet C.S.O
Vice Admiral Ieon Winter

U.S.S. QUEEN MARY’S Final tour of duty

 U.S.S. QUEEN MARY’S Final tour of duty  Posted by at 4:45 pm  Captain's Log  Comments Off on U.S.S. QUEEN MARY’S Final tour of duty
Nov 172013
Ieon Winter

The U.S.S. Queen Mary’s final tour of duty started today the ship that has been commanded by Ieon@reaper86 since he was promoted to Vice Admiral in the fleet  has had a long service history with the 101st fleet including missions with U.S.S. Zuikaku, U.S.S. Beowulf and U.S.S. Foward Unto Dawn but due to her age lacks the power to keep up with the rest of the fleet.


The Queen Mary has seen action in many battles including the major battle to regain control of Deep Space Nine from a Dominion attack on the station shortly after Fleet Vice Admiral Ieon@reaper86 took command of the ship.

queen mary at wormhole

She also had encounters with the Borg where she was badly damaged by a massive plasma torpedo explosion to her port necelle and was out of action for two months for repairs.


refit 4

The Queen Mary will continue to be on active service until the the launch of the  Odyssey Class U.S.S. Queen Mary NCC-170686-C she will then be retired from active service and placed into the 101st fleet mothball fleet.


101st Fleet C.S.O
Vice Admiral Ieon Winter
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