U.S.S. QUEEN MARY’S Final tour of duty

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Nov 172013
Ieon Winter

The U.S.S. Queen Mary’s final tour of duty started today the ship that has been commanded by Ieon@reaper86 since he was promoted to Vice Admiral in the fleet  has had a long service history with the 101st fleet including missions with U.S.S. Zuikaku, U.S.S. Beowulf and U.S.S. Foward Unto Dawn but due to her age lacks the power to keep up with the rest of the fleet.


The Queen Mary has seen action in many battles including the major battle to regain control of Deep Space Nine from a Dominion attack on the station shortly after Fleet Vice Admiral Ieon@reaper86 took command of the ship.

queen mary at wormhole

She also had encounters with the Borg where she was badly damaged by a massive plasma torpedo explosion to her port necelle and was out of action for two months for repairs.


refit 4

The Queen Mary will continue to be on active service until the the launch of the  Odyssey Class U.S.S. Queen Mary NCC-170686-C she will then be retired from active service and placed into the 101st fleet mothball fleet.


101st Fleet C.S.O
Vice Admiral Ieon Winter

The Road to the U.S.S. Zuikaku – Part One – First Steps

 The Road to the U.S.S. Zuikaku – Part One – First Steps  Posted by at 12:35 pm  Captain's Log  Comments Off on The Road to the U.S.S. Zuikaku – Part One – First Steps
Nov 072013
Aaron S. Lawford

Welcome Everyone; Fleet Admiral Aaron Here

I have had a lot of people comment on my ship; the Fleet Assault cruiser U.S.S. Zuikaku NCC-93522; wondering how I tank the way I do; and how I am able to get the damage numbers I usually report in Fleet Chat. Well; these series of posts is to show you how my ship came to be; and the fact I made a ton of mistakes along the way; including some decisions I now shake my head at. So set back and enjoy the first post of “The Road to the U.S.S. Zuikaku”

U.S.S. Zuikaku


Stardate 89694.15 – I managed to reach Vice admiral on my first ever created toon in Star Trek online; a engineer named Aaron Lawford (after myself) and I also gained access to the tier 4 ship level. I immeditately pickup my Soverign; and named her U.S.S. Zuikaku; a name I choose for my ship (after a WW2 Japanese Aircraft carrier; as I liked studying WW2 history as a hobby); and kept the registry number; NCC-93522 that was assigned to the ship. I took her out for a spin and showed my late mother (My mum passed away from cancer several months after Zuikaku was commissioned) how beautiful the ship is; I could hardly believe it; a Soverign class ship was mine to command 🙂

I started to fit her out with weapons; and I decide to go with the “onscreen” classic type of loadout. 2 phasers fore; 2 aft; 2 quantum torpedos for; and 2 photons aft. One of my ships first battles was battling the dominion in the featured episodes that were released just as my ship was commission; needless to say it was some tough missions that took my ship to the limit (and beyond; she exploded several times). Needless to say Zuikaku was fresh out of the shipyard and showing her inexperience (as well as her captain) at fighting end game level enemies.

The borg were also a experience; the STF’s you guys do these days were no easy missions back in the day; a lot of times you where lucky to even complete a Cure Space Elite without failing it; and you where lucky if a Khitomer Space Elite didn’t run for a minimum of 30 minutes :). Infected Space Elite; while the easy mission; you where still lucky to complete it in 20 minutes. Hive Space Elite didn’t exist back in those days (and god knows what would have happened if it did 🙂 ).

So; I started to prod along on these STF’s’ getting slightly better; more in tune with my ship and learning the ropes from some experienced personel. However I was still a complete noob; in KASE I would just defend one side of the portal against the probes and not even try to tackle the generators at all. But as I progressed I was awarded with better weapons; better gear; and slightly more powerful abilities and knowledge on how to work my ship.

Please see the below link; for a example of what my ship was configured like in U.S.S. Zuikaku build version 1.0; which I held onto for 14 months


As you can see; I was a very torpedo heavy build; and a lot of my abilities reflected that; using both High Yield and Spread torpedo abilities on my Lieutenant tactical station. Also another ability I used was Eject Warp Plasma III; I would use this to stop or slow down probes and other mission critical ships in STF runs and normal missions; giving me a chance to sorry work my enemies down to the bone. I also had Directed Energy Modulation ( I actually didn’t know what that ability did; apart from the fact it seemed to do something) and also Emergency Power to weapons. I also used tractor beam to also helped slow my enemies; so if they escaped my warp plasma field they usually got caught by the tractor beam :).

My console layout was best described a slight mess. I have a turn rate console and a EPS manifold in my engineering spaces; and I those days those things did nothing really for a cruiser build. I also had a torpedo damage console in one of my 3 tactical stations (but being torpedo heavy; it made sense to me). As for my major items (Engines; Shields; Deflector) I had a mismatch of MACO and OMEGA types; which I believe I had a OMEGA shield with the other two items being MACO (FYI; we didn’t have warp cores back then; they didn’t come until May 2013; kids these days get all the new toys huh 🙂 ).

So I continued to do borg STF’s; there were no Fleet events because the Fleet starbase system and all its perks didn’t exist yet (but they were getting close) and I continued my poor performance in STF’s without really realising it; but I was slowly getting better.

One day; after a another STF in about late June 2012; I beamed to DS9 for a bit of a breather; when I got this Fleet invite out of the blue; now I had been getting tons of invites over the weeks; and had been ignoring them all; but something about this invite just told me to accept it; and I was warmly welcomed; to a friendly fleet with a very familiar Fleet Logo 🙂

To Be continued in……….

The Road to the U.S.S. Zuikaku Part Two – Fleet beginnings & Reputation Ahoy

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