Starfleet Ships


A Starship is any manned spacecraft that has the ability to transport and support a crew across interstellar distances. Most starships accomplished this via the employment of some form propulsion technology, such as impulse engines (sublight speeds) or warp drive (“FTL”, aka faster than light).

In the Federation during the 23rd century, starships were identified exclusively as vessels operated by Starfleet, or as stated by R.M. Merik, “a very special vessel and crew”. Within the Federation, starships were viewed as the role of protector within the civilian community, as starship captains were given a certain level of authority in the region they patrolled. Generally limited to the roles of exploration and defense, starships typically did not transport cargo except in the case of an emergency.

Design was also a factor in defining a starship. The configuration of a vessel, as identified by sensor scans, could be used in identifying a starship. Likewise, a starship could be identified on sensors by its power utilization curve, as a vessel utilizing 100% power had the ability to skew sensor readings. The term normally refers to large, multi-purpose vessels, as opposed to vessels such as cargo ships, transports, warp shuttles, and runabouts, which are designed for more specific or limited functions. By the mid-24th century, the exclusivity of the term “starship” essentially fell out of use, and was redefined as a term interchangeable with spaceship and spacecraft.

In Star Trek Online starships represent player and non-player avatars while in space.Generally, there is one type of ship for each type of career, but a player character can captain any type of vessel, regardless of their
career choice.

On the pages below you can see the various playable ships of the Starfleet:

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