Andorian Charal Escort


Ship name: [gs Andorian Charal Escort]
Rank: Vice Admiral
Tier: 5
Classification: Escort
Type: Frigate
Base Class: Charal Class
Impulse Modifier: 0.2
Turn rate: 16
Hull Strength: 32000
Shield Modifier 0.9
Inertia Rating: 70
Fore Weapons 5
Aft Weapons 2
Crew Size 85
Consoles: x4 x4 x2
Device Slots: 2
Bridge Officers:
Abilities: [Kumari Phaser Wing Cannons [Dmg]x4]
Bonus Power: +15 Weapons
Bonus Consoles Included: [Console – Universal – Wing Cannon Platforms]
Cost: 2000 [gs Zen]
Notes: Can Equip Dual Cannons
Variants: Kumari, Khyzon

The Andorian Kumari Escort is an Admiral (Tier 5) level Federation Escort.
The Kumari was an Andorian battle cruiser that was in service with the Andorian Imperial Guard during the mid-22nd century. It was named after the first ice cutter to circumnavigate Andoria.
The Kumari was the first ship of its class, placed under the command of Commander Thy’lek Shran in 2142. This iconic Andorian vessel served as a foundation for the development of many later ships, but the Kumari line is a direct improvement over the original Kumari design using the latest developments in Federation technology.

Kumari class
The Kumari Class is designed for raw firepower, offering heavy tactical seating and five tactical console slots.

Visually, the Kumari design is sharp and tapered, with a forward hull resembling a flattened bullet. Its wings extend out to the sides of the rear hull and have a slight fold. Its distinctive Wing Cannons are mounted a few meters inward towards the main hull maintain a tapered shape, accented by a pair of protrusions enclosing the cannons. Small fins protrude from the dorsal and ventral hull to give a sharper appearance.

Charal class
The Charal Class offers a balance between offensive firepower and defensive staying power.

The Charal Escort has a distinctively bulkier and more armored appearance than its peers. The dorsal and ventral blisters have a distinct appearance, its hull is also by default a slightly more purple-red shade. The forward hull is more blunted, and the Wing Cannons are placed at the tips of the wings rather than several meters inward. The cannons themselves are also thicker and have more a pronounced “recoil” animation when firing.

Khyzon class
The Khyzon class has the highest emphasis on Science of any of the Andorian Escorts, but retains much of its offensive potency.

The Khyzon maintains a similar appearance to the Kumari escort, but has a less aggressive profile. It lacks the dorsal and ventral fins, and its wing cannons are less tapered.

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