Ship Name: [gs Escort]
Rank: Lt.Commander
Tier: 2
Classification: Escort
Type: Medium Escort
Base Class: Saber Class
Impulse Modifier: 0.2
Turn Rate: 17
Hull Strength: 15000
Shield Modifier: 0.9
Inertia Rating: 70
Fore Weapons: 3
Aft Weapons: 1
Crew Size: 50
Consoles: x2 x1 x1
Device Slots:
Bridge Officers:
Abilities: N/A
Bonus Power: +15 Weapons
Bonus Consoles Included: None
Cost: 15000 [gs Dili]
Notes: Can equip dual cannons./ Awarded on Lvl 10
Variants: Rapier Class, Ushaan Class

The Federation Escort is a Lieutenant Commander (Tier 2) level Escort. It is the first set in the Escort category of starships that players in Star Trek Online are available to purchase if playing on the Federation faction. These ships are available from the Lieutenant Commander rank. Escorts are focused around forward firepower and are the only Federation ship type that can equip Dual Cannons. Escort vessels suffer from weaker shields and hulls compared to Science and Cruiser vessels of the same tier.


Saber Class:The Saber class Escort is a late 24th century model, brought into service to combat the Borg. The design saw extensive action in the Dominion War, where Starfleet officers enjoyed its heavy armament and compact target profile.

Rapier Class:The Rapier class Escort represents a balance between the more traditional design philosophy of the Saber class, and the more radical-looking Andorian-inspired Ushaan class. The Rapier class was designed by staff from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers who served on the older U.S.S. DaVinci. It has several structural and functional improvements that the DaVinci’s crew tested on Saber-class vessels during the Dominion War.

Ushaan Class:The Ushaan class Escort takes its name from the traditional Ushaan, a historical Andorian duel to the death. The name is fitting, given the design’s similarity to the ushaan-tor mining pick the duel is named for.

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