Heavy Escort Carrier


Ship name: [gs Heavy Escort Carrier]
Rank: Vice Admiral
Tier: 5
Classification: Escort
Type: Heavy Escort
Base Class: Armitage Class
Impulse Modifier: 0.2
Turn rate: 15
Hull Strength: 32000
Shield Modifier 0.9
Inertia Rating: 60
Fore Weapons 4
Aft Weapons 3
Crew Size 200
Consoles: x4 x3 x2
Device Slots: 2
Bridge Officers:
Hangar: 1
Default Hangar Pet: Peregrine Fighter
Abilities: Carrier Commands
Bonus Power: +15 Weapons
Bonus Consoles Included: [Console – Universal – Torpedo Point Defense System]
Cost: 2500 [gs Zen]
Notes: Can Equip Dual Cannons
Variants: Akira, Oslo, Zephyr, Thunderchild

The Heavy Escort Carrier is a Vice Admiral (Tier 5) level Federation Carrier. It contains one hangar bay capable of launching small crafts and also comes equipped with a Photon Torpedo Point Defense System.
With the same turn rate similar to the Vice Admiral Multi-Vector Advanced Escort, the Armitage class is well suited to delivering frontal-fire using Dual Heavy Cannons and Torpedo Launchers. It can act as a torpedo boat capable of presenting large torpedo volleys to the front or rear arcs; combined with the Photon Torpedo Point Defense System, this can create significant burst damage against multiple targets.
In addition, this class has the crew count of the Tier 5 Fleet Escort, the console layout of the Tactical Escort Retrofit, and a Lt. Commander Engineering Bridge Officer. These combine to make this class more capable of surviving sustained fire than other escorts of this rank.
A single hangar bay allows the Armitage class flexibility to suit its current mission. Fighters can be equipped for additional DPS, shuttles for interception and debuffs against incoming enemies, shield repair drones for additional staying power, or Runabouts to lock down enemies.

Armitage Class:
The Armitage class is a Heavy Escort Carrier. These vessels were designed to fit the original role meant for the Akira class: that of a small carrier-escort hybrid. Its appearance features low-slung, forward-swept pylons and long, tapered nacelles. Its saucer is built around a thick central spine that contains the deflector and elevates the bridge above the split hull. Its single, forward-facing hangar is equipped with a wing of Peregrine Fighters by default. A battery of cannon aperatures is concentrated in the nose, above and to the sides of the deflector dish. The Armitage is longer than even the Patrol Escort (though it has the same amount of crew. If made to use components from standard Heavy Escorts such as the Akira or Thunderchild its size will shrink to match. Torpedo and turret fire comes from the top-mounted launcher in the rear pylon.

Thunderchild Class:The Thunderchild class Heavy Escort is a tribute to the U.S.S. Thunderchild (NCC-63549) which engaged the Borg in Sector 001.

Akira Class:The Akira class is the most popular of the three Heavy Escort classes. The design of the NX-01 Enterprise in the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise was partly inspired by this class. Ships of the class include the U.S.S. Kelvin and U.S.S. Thunderchild (NCC-63549).

Oslo Class:The Oslo class Heavy Escort is an upgraded and modified version of the earlier Norway class ship. It shares the same nacelle design as the Nova Class Science Vessel.

Zephyr Class:The Zephyr class Heavy Escort is an upgraded and modified version of the earlier Steamrunner class ship.

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