Mirror Universe Advanced Escort


Ship Name: [gs Mirror Universe Advanced Escort]
Rank: Rear Admiral (Lower Half)
Tier: 5
Classification: Escort
Type: Frigate
Base Class: Looks like Prime Universe Patrol Escort
Impulse Modifier: 0.2
Turn Rate: 16
Hull Strength: 31000
Shield Modifier: 0.9
Inertia Rating: 60
Fore Weapons: 4
Aft Weapons: 3
Crew Size: 200
Consoles: x4 x3 x2
Device Slots: 2
Bridge Officers:
Abilities: N/A
Bonus Power: +15 Weapons
Bonus Consoles Included: None
Cost: Lockbox
Notes: Can equip dual cannons.
Variants: Gryphon class, Hermes class, Maelstrom class

The Mirror Universe Advanced Escort is a Tier 5 (Admiral) level Federation Escort.

The Mirror Universe Advanced Escort looks more like our Prime Universe Patrol Escort, but the same statistics as a prime universe Advanced Escort (see above).

It is only available to Federation captains as a rare drop from the [Dominion Lock Box], although crates containing this ship can sometimes be found on the Exchange.

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