NX Class Light Escort


Ship Name: [gs NX Class Light Escort]
Rank: Lieutenant
Tier: 1
Classification: Escort
Type: Light Escort
Base Class: NX Class
Impulse Modifier: 0.17
Turn Rate: 14
Hull Strength: 10000
Shield Modifier: 1.0
Inertia Rating: 50
Fore Weapons: 2
Aft Weapons: 1
Crew Size: 85
Consoles: x2 x1 x1
Device Slots: 2
Bridge Officers:
Abilities: N/A
Bonus Power: +5 Weapons
Bonus Consoles Included: Grappler
Cost: 500 [gs Zen]
Notes: Can equip dual cannons.
Variants: N/A

The NX Class Light Escort is a Lieutenant level (Tier 1) Federation Escort, and the first available escort for Starfleet captains. It is obtainable from the C-Store as part of the Enterprise Value Pack for 1315 Zen , or separately for 500Zen.

The NX class starship is one of the first Starfleet designs to use the iconic saucer-shaped primary hull design that is used by many Starfleet vessels today.

First launched in 2151, the NX class was humanity’s first warp-5 capable vessel. Its first and most famous ship, the Enterprise (NX-01), was instrumental in defending Earth from a Xindi invasion, cementing early relations with other races, encountering new races and civilizations, and played a key part in the founding of the United Federation of Planets.

After Starfleet starships were converted to a modular design, a group from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers working at Utopia Planitia wondered if vessels from the Federation’s past could be constructed in this manner. Working with Federation historian Geoffrey Pacelli, the SCE officers chose the famed NX Class for reconstruction.

The NX Class Starship Replica sports the classic look of Earth’s starships from the 22nd century, but has been updated with modern technology to meet current Starfleet specifications for Lieutenant-rank missions. It carries a crew of 85, and in a nod to the technology of the 22nd Century the SCE has added a Grappler, which is less efficient than a tractor beam but can hold an enemy for a short time. Note: Purchasing this ship from the C-Store unlocks it for all Federation characters on an account.

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