Starfleet Auxiliary Classification Starship (Small Craft)


In starship classification, an auxiliary space vehicle refers to any vehicle attached to a “mothership” that assists in missions and environments unsuitable for starships. The term may also be applied to any small vessel that may work independently or is incapable of space travel.

The most popular form of auxiliary craft attached to starships and starbases are shuttlecrafts. Famous small crafts include the Danube Class Runabout and the Peregrine Class Fighter.

In game this ships are known as Small Craft, which are playable starships such as shuttlecraft and fighters. Compared to full-sized starships, they have significantly less hull, shields, weapons, bridge officers, consoles, and crew. However, these craft have very high maneuverability and turn rate. They can come equipped with specialized weapons that have a full 360 degree firing arc. Small Craft can be launched from inside your larger ships when you Visit the Bridge and take the turbolift to the transporter room on the engineering deck.

Shuttles and other auxiliary craft come equipped with special equipment that scales with the player. Rather than gaining discreet bonuses as with mark numbered items, the bonuses attributed the these items increases linearly with the player’s level. For instance, a basic shield array gains 5% capacity for every mark number, but a shuttle shield array gains 1% for each level of the player. This means that a Shield Array Mark X on a shuttle would have an extra capacity of 50% (1,875 in a basic shuttle), but a Shield Array Standard Issue-S owned by a Vice Admiral level player (level 51) would gain a bonus capacity of 51% (1,888 in a basic shuttle).

Ship Name Rank Hull Strength Shield Modifier Fore Weapons Aft Weapons Crew Size Consoles Bridge Officers Cost Notes

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