Article 1 – Definition and Purpose


Article 1 – Definition and Purpose



1-1. Introduction
This document, referred hereafter as the Fleet Regulation, prescribes the policies and mandated operating rules of the 101st Fleet, referred hereafter as the Fleet. It establishes standards and provides and operational document in a logical sequence.

1-2. Fleet Command
The Fleet Command Board of Admirals (FCHQ), referred hereafter as the Fleet Command, is responsible to establish the policies included in this Regulation and monitor their application and adherence within the Fleet.

1-3. Fleet Command Board Seats
The Fleet Command is constituted by three officers, holding the active rank of Fleet Admiral, and appointed to by Starfleet Command Headquarters.

  1. Current Fleet Command Board Seats are held by:
    1. Fleet Admiral Will, U.S.S. Beowulf (NCC-112097) – Odyssey Class (@william627)
    2. Fleet Admiral Aaron S. Lawford, U.S.S. Zuikaku (NCC-93522) – Sovereign Class (@foxman86)
    3. Fleet Admiral Ellic D. Noman, U.S.S. Triad (NCC-91977) – Akira Class (@diogenese77)

1-4. Purpose
The 101st Fleet is designated as a Mobile Fleet; as such it has various purposes and reasons, to operate in multiple systems and sectors of Federation space, contested space and unknown universe. The Starfleet Command has provided the fleet with all the appropriate clearance to fulfill such a purpose. To summarize the Fleet’s purpose is, but not limited to, as follows:

  1. To patrol and protect the systems, worlds and sectors of space; in alliance with; and/or that are members of; and/or assisted by; the United Federation of Planets; as stated by the Starfleet Command General Orders.
  2. To engage and repel any and all attacks to Federation space, as stated by the Starfleet Charter, Article I, Section 2, Paragraph B.
  3. To explore and further science as directed by the Charter of the United Federation of Planets, Article 54.
  4. To assist and advice non-aligned systems that are in need, as stated in Starfleet Command General Orders.

Fleet Command mandates the operational procedures of any given unit, squadron or entire fleet battalion, in accordance to the Starfleet Charter and Starfleet Command General Orders, as the Fleet Command sees appropriate for any given situation.

1-5. Voidance
This Regulation supersedes and declares void any rules and/or regulations that it comes in conflict with. Starfleet Command Headquarters petitioned the creation of this internal Regulation and as such all of its articles are absolute and in priority to any other rules and/or regulation, unless otherwise stated in the Regulation.

1-6. Jurisdiction
The Regulation applies to all members, officers and civilian contractors operating within its limit of authority of the Fleet. Members, officers and personnel of other authorities are to follow the Standard Starfleet Code of Conduct and their respective set of regulations as stated by their respective command.

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