Article 8 – Validation


Article 8 – Validation

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8-1. Member License Agreement
This document informs about the rules and regulations of the 101st Fleet (Starterk Online Game, by Cryptic Studios, Live Server) all of the above apply to all members of the Fleet and by subscribing to the Fleet Holonet Frequency you accept these regulations as a term of agreement between you the member and the Fleet Command.

8-2. Justice
Civilian Personnel, Members, Petty Officers and/or Officers that are in violation of the above rules and regulations are to be disciplined as per the United Federation of Planets Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Articles of the current document as appropriately stated on those articles for their violation, the offender maintains the presumption of innocence until the Fleet Disciplinary Tribunal Board appointed to handle the case finds the said member guilty. If so punishment is defined in the Articles of the current document, otherwise the guidelines of the United Federation of Planets Uniform Code of Military Justice should define one appropriate for the guilty offender.

8-3. Vigilance
Starfleet Command and 101st Fleet Command have absolute authority in the formation, maintenance and vigilance of the following rules and regulations; they retain the right to alter, add or remove any and all of them.

This document was drafted, signed and agreed upon by Starfleet Command and 101st Fleet Command, at the Starfleet Command Headquarters, San Franchisco, Planet Earth, Sol System; as supervised by Admiral 1st Class, D.W.Arlic, of the Starfleet Justice Department.

Stardate 90015,75

For the Starfleet Command
For the 101st Fleet
D.W.Arlic Aaron S. Lawford Will Ellic D. Noman
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