Welcome to the official 101st Fleet and 102nd Site and Forums.

A small roadmap so you know where to go for what:

On the Top Left menu you can find:

  1. Main Bridge: The Home Page
  2. Operations: The Forum page
  3. S.o.t.F. Reports: The monthly State of the Fleet Reports by 101st Fleet Admiral Aaron S. Lawford
  4. News Board: The Posts Magazine of the site
  5. Captain’s Log: The short stories written by you are posted here

On the normal menu you can find:

  1. Tactical Assessments: The member list
  2. Engineering Reports: The Fleet badges and patches pages, the Shipyard of both the Starfleet and the fleet. Also the fleet holdings for 101st Fleet
  3. Science Readings: The image and video viewers
  4. Intelligence Briefings: The fleet Information, organizational charts, disciplinary boards and communication frequencies. Also the Fleet Archive
  5. Security Statements: The 101st Fleet Regulations, the UFP Uniform Code of Military Justice and the site’s about page

As we add more stuff I will update this.


With kind regards,

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz
101st Fleet Adminstration Command
U.S.S. Mount Olumpus

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