Jan 222014

Computer begin recording

Admirals Log
Stardate 91598.2 – USS Zuikaku has just attended the launch of Vice Admiral’s Ieon Winters USS Queen Mary D; a new soverign class cruiser; at Starbase 101; Captain Confuto of the USS Riviera also attended the launch. The fact that it has been under 2 weeks since the Queen Mary C loss hasn’t seemed to have affected the Queen Mary’s crew at all; and they seem determined to get back into action of being Starfleet officers.

Also; her Captain; while mourning the loss of his ship and his crew; hasn’t let it affect him and has inspired his crew to work hard to get the ship in action so quickly. I am not surprised at this as Ieon has always had a strong character; and a helpful nature to anyone in need. the Queen Mary D will be conducting battle drills shortly to confirm her battle readiness as well as to test her defensive systems; USS Zuikaku will be assisting in this regard.

Since the Briar Incident Admiral H’Jarr and the 101st Imperial Fleet haven’t been seen or heard of; and Starfleet command have no indication where their location might be. However; we are certain they are out there; it is just a matter of time and place now when they decide to make there next move.

Computer end recording

Log 2

Computer begin recording

Admiral’s Log
Stardate 91606.41 – USS Zuikaku has attended another launch of a new 101st Fleet ship at Starbase 101 today. Captain Dennis “Bill” Anderson has been giving command of the new avenger class cruiser USS Biliskner. Captain Bill has been with the fleet a while and is a good commander; and the fact that Starfleet Command has given him one of the new Avenger Class cruiser’s to command tell me they have faith in him as well.

Captain Bill; in my opinion; has been jumping up and down like a little school boy to test out this new class of starship in active operations. I have to admit to smiling myself seeming him in this state; as it brings back memories when I was took command of USS Zuikaku myself.

I have ordered USS Biliskner to conduct battle drills and simulations to test out her combat readiness; as well then to patrol the Hfihar system; as we have had a request from the New Romulan government for assistance.

We have been getting unusual reports of increased borg activity in a remote sector of the Beta Quadrant. USS Zuikaku is currently standing by at Starbase 101 as we wait for other elements of 101st Fleet to arrive to investigate these reports. Whatever the Borg are up to; cant be good for us.

Computer end recording


Computer begin recording

Admirals Log
Stardate 91609.14 The Reports that the borg where up to something in a remote system of the Beta Quadrant where right on the money. The USS Zuikaku; along with the USS Queen Mary D; USS Gunfighter; USS Biliskner went together to investigate. What we found was what looks like a new mini unicomplex; a “central hub” for the borg to operate from.

As the 101st Fleet moved closer to investigate we where attacked by a large borg fleet that included several “probe ships” that the borg have bene using more and more lately. These ships; roughly 5km long; are armed with very dangerous “lance” type weaponary. The Task force fought well but pretty quickly we were being overwhelmed and several ships suffered major damage to multiple systems; and I ordered a retreat.

Repair Dock

USS Zuikaku suffered damage to her phaser systems and almost had her port Nacelle blown off by a Borg heavy plasma torpedo. Chief Engineer Elbra Tinordle informed me that if this was a new Soverign class cruiser fresh out of space dock; her nacelle would have been blown off completely. But thanks to Zuikaku’s armour and defensive systems, we suffered only damage to the armour plating which can easily be repaired and replaced. USS Zuikkau is currently docked at Earth Spacedock 23 undergoing these repairs; we should be underway in 4 hours.

USS Queen Mary D is just in the spacedock next to me; as she suffered more extensive damage which will require a longer stay in the shipyard to complete repairs. USS Gunfighter captained by Captain Kayliee C. Acicle has put into Starbase 101’s shipyard for repairs; as the defiant class ship was extensively damage in the engagement; and will require a lot of time in the shipyards to repair the damage. Captain Anderson’s USS Biliskner was also damaged and is also at Starbase 101 for repairs.

I have sent a Priority One message to Starfleet Command about the mini “Unicomplex” and its location; I have also warned them about the improved probe ships we encountered. Starfleet command is assembling a fleet to go after that uni-complex; and I wish them the best of luck.

In the meanwhile; Starfleet Command has ordered USS Zuikaku back to starbase 101 and to conduct exploration in the surround sectors. I admit it will be nice to do some exploring for a bit considering the combat operations we have conducted thus far. It is a new year back on Earth; and I also admit that I am looking forward to what this new year will bring.

Hopefully a chance for me to find out exactly how my First Officer Utoeze and Chief Engineer Elbra programmed my replicator to inform them when I order a nice Chocolate Milkshake; as they have seemed to have set it that if I have too many of them; the replicator will replicate orange juice instead :).

Computer end recording

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