May 012014

Hail fleet; Captain Bill again with the 101st’s Featured Ship of the Month! For May, we’re proud to feature Captain Saleen’s U.S.S. Juggernaut, a Voth Bastion Flight-Deck Cruiser. Captain Saleen is notorious for having good luck with lock-boxes, but it isn’t all luck on the battlefield! The Juggernaut is named so for a good reason, and Saleen’s prowess in the command chair only serves to compliment the Juggernaut’s abilities. Its combination of Voth weaponry, Dyson Joint Command systems, and fleet equipment make it a deadly force to be reckoned with. Here are a few images of the ship herself, and you can check out the Juggernaut’s equipment loadout after the jump!




U.S.S. Juggernaut loadout

Captain Dennis William Anderson
U.S.S. Biliskner - NCC-101305-A
Fleet Administrative Office
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