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I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.

Authors Notes

Originally, I started this story back in September 2014. I had intended it to be completed by now, however Real Life has put the completion of the story on-hold, or at least delayed. So instead of you guys waiting months for me to complete it, I have decided to release slowly what I have already written, with the hopes it will give me some time to complete the rest of this story.

Series Notes

Originally, this was going to be a once off. However once i started writing, more and more story ideas have entered my head (some wont go away :). So, once I get this story finished, I will be (God and Time willing) moving on to start another. I have a surprise for the second story, but I wont say anything until I reach that point :). So, please enjoy the first two chapters of Star Trek Online: Zuikaku: Mirror’s Shadow.


Chapter 1

New Romulus, the Capital of the Romulan Republic. This beautiful world in the Tau Dewa sector was indeed a sight to behold to anyone coming into orbit. Originally a home world for the Dewan civilisation two hundred thousand years ago, before a climatic event decimated most of the population, and left the rest to die a slow painful death due to starvation.
Two thousand years ago, Vulcans travelling along space as a result of the Time of awakening had settled on the planet, calling it Vastam. But like their compatriots eons ago, the planet had proven bad luck for the settlers, when riots erupted between the settlers, which left hundreds dead. The survivors had decided to leave Vastam, and settle on a new world.
That world, was Romulus.

Now, decades after the Hobus supernova had destroyed their world, the Romulan Republic with the assistance of its allies, was making New Romulus, or “Mol’Rihan” in another language, their Capital world, and a new beacon of hope for the Romulan and Reman people who had suffered so much.

Looking down upon the M-class planet, which orbits a twin star system, New Romulus does not look like the optimal world to settle on, let alone a capital planet. Radiation from seismic events that destroyed the Dewans still lingers in the air, not enough to be fatal or dangerous to humanoids, but enough to give anyone pause. On the ground it is not much better, there are not many luxuries or standards of living one person would expect from a Capital world of an Alpha quadrant power, trying to establish itself into one of the quadrants leaders. Small packs of Hirogen made exploring too far out of the productive area of the camp dangerous, and the ever watchful and spying eyes of the Tal Shiar made sure whatever the Romulan Republic did was duly noted, and analysed for anyway to exploit to their advantage.

However, to the Romulan Republic, it is a symbol of hope, togetherness, and a wiliness to put aside old rivalries and decades of mistrust between aged old rivals. From orbit, the nearby Azure nebula gives the world a blue glow, like the world is on fire and the smoke is rising from the surface to silhouette the planet. Beautiful green continents, are broken by crystal clean purple waters; that seem they go deep you could lose oneself forever staring. Mountains separate or divide many of the landmasses, like criss-crosses on a child’s colouring pad.

On the planet’s surface, near the ground camp of the new capital city, Klingons, humans and other species toil around, building structures, support networks, power generators and other items in their effort to assist the Romulan Republic in building their homes. Mysterious friendly creatures roam the surface, from squid like Nanov to the small furry Epohhs, the planet was ripe for exploring and seeking out new life, making interesting study for the large amount of scientists. There are many suspicious looks exchanged between the Klingons and humans, fresh from a year’s long war that had recently ended. But as days past, and the memories of a devastating war start to fade, there is an air of hopefulness, a sense that the troubled times of the past few years was behind, and that peace and prosperity was upon everyone.

From Klingon Negv’har battlecruisers, to Romulan Mogai escorts, to Federation Galaxy class cruisers, New Romulus orbit was a bee hive of activity as supplies, equipment and personal for the growing world. Altogether, New Romulus was an interesting world, something that everyone who saw it was privileged to see.

Not that one particular federation runabout pilot cared. He had a different mission. One, which was much more dangerous and threatening.


Chapter 2

Ensign Mohan was not a happy man. Here he was, piloting a cramped and passenger filled Danube class runabout, and the most he was expected to do for the next twenty four hours was to fly the runabout. He wouldn’t be doing anything exciting, he wouldn’t be getting to do any of the important parts in the next 24 hours, all that was expected of him, was to just fly the runabout to its destination, then get them back to the pre-designated coordinates.

Why am I doing all the boring things, mused Mohan? I’m young, I should be doing the exciting, fun things, not flying this flying dump truck.

Ensign Mohan looked out the window of the Danube class runabout. Seeing several ships in orbit, Galaxy class, Akira, Miranda to mention a few. To anyone else, they would have been awed at seeing the depth of different Federation class ships in orbit around a single planet. To Ensign Mohan however, it just filled him with more anger.

They said it would be easy. Thought Mohan. It won’t be hard to find the ship you are looking for they said. All Ensign Mohan knew, was that he wanted to find the people who had said those remarks, and beat them silly.

The Danube class runabout continue to fly along space at a sedate pace, which made the Ensign even more bored. Normally a Danube runabout wouldn’t be a notable difference flying in space, as they were literally hundreds of them employed by the Federation.
This runabout, however, was different.

Instead of the normal light grey hull plating, the entire runabouts hull was painted a deep black. The normal red glow of the bussard collectors was barely visible, even the light glow from the cabin and cockpit was barely seen. Unless one actually got right up close to the runabout, you wouldn’t actually know it was there. The runabout also featured a rollbar, equipped with torpedoes, it made the runabout a formable target to any other shuttle, and a craft not to be taken lightly by any small starship.

It’s not all that bad, thought Mohan. If things go badly, I get to use these upgrades.

That thought brought a smile to the Ensigns face, and it continued to cheer him up until he looked into the face of his co-pilot.

His co-pilot was an attractive woman, with blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail, and deep blue eyes, normally seeing an attractive woman would have calmed the Ensign, even making the trip worth wide as he could start making his moves.

Unfortunately, her demeanour had instantly turned him off. She was smug, one could even say arrogant. Also the fact that every single time we turned to even look at her, she was looking back with a smirk on her face, which enraged the Ensign more.

I hate that smirk, Thought Mohan. It’s both, I know you can’t come with us, and the fact I am going on the mission when you are stuck here.

As the attractive woman turned away from him to look out the cockpit window, the looked enraged him more. The ensign was just starting to rise from his seat to do something about it when a cold, firm and hard hand forcibly sat him back down again.

Mohan immediately turned around to stare into the cold eyes of an Andorian staring straight at him.

‘Why aren’t we there yet?” Demanded the Andorian. “We should be there by now”.

Ensign Mohan extended his arm to the cockpit windows. “It’s a bit difficult, there are a lot of ships here, I think they are on the far side of the planet, which we are headed there now”.

“Now, what?” demanded the Andorian; leaning forward close enough the ensign was sure he could see individual eye lashes.

Ensign Moham steadied himself, and took a breath “Headed there now, Sir,” answered the ensign.

For a spilt second the ensign thought he was in deeper trouble, but the Andorian, his commanding officer in the mission, simply lent back. “Better, ensign”. Replied the Andorian.

The ensign took a quick breath as the Andorian moved over to this female co-pilot.

You’re going to get it now, thought Mohan, eager to see his female co-pilot get some of the commander’s anger, and some playback.

“Yes Commander Tal’oa, sir?” said the female co-pilot.

Commander Tal’oa seemed pleased with her response. “Nice to see some respect around here,” replied Tal’oa, quickly glancing back at ensign Mohan. “Report to the rear compartment Lieutenant, we are prepping for the mission”.

“Yes, sir” replied the female co-pilot.

Satisfied, Commander Tal’oa took one last look out the cockpit of the runabout, then promptly walked back into the rear compartment. The compartment’s doors opening and closing quietly to grant him passage.

The lieutenant, promptly flashed a smirk the ensign’s way, ignoring the scowl from the ensign, and quickly got out of her seat and headed in the rear compartment.

Mohan promptly watched her enter the rear compartment, then returned his attention to the front viewport.

Why do I always get the worst aspects of this mission? Thought Mohan.


Commander Tal’oa looked over his group, almost a dozen personal, all kitted out in high quality gear and weapons needed for their mission. A mixed group of males and females of different races, most of them wearing black commando gear. He could only see a small part of their faces, only their eyes were visible to him.

Good, thought Tal’oa. A lot less chance of us being identified.

As the commander looked over his group, he felt a swell of pride within him. This mission, if successful, would be a boon for his career, even potentially giving him a command on his own.

Tal’oa shook those thoughts from him, there was time for such things later. For now, it was time to marshal the troops.
“OK, listen up”, bellowed Tal’oa, instantly quieting the small conversations that had been taking part between the small groups. “Everyone know their jobs?”

A small series of head bobs came from several of the team, though the commander decided to ensure everyone knew what was going to occur.

“Team One, which includes myself” said Tal’oa. “Our job is to reach the target location as soon as possible, download as much data there as fast as possible, without the security forces protecting the target knowing we are there”. Tal’oa knew that every second counted, the longer they went undiscovered, the better the outcome would be.

A series of nods on four people in black commando suits in the group acknowledged him.

“Team One A” continued Tal’oa. “Your job is to distract the security forces on the target location, make like your are a part of the target locations crew, once that is done you re-join team one”. Two male humans, dressed in what Tal’oa thought was a disgusting uniform with multiple colours, gave him a single nod of acknowledgement.

They hate those uniforms as much as I do. Thought Tal’oa. The second we get back, I will gladly help them burn those things.

“Team Two” continued Tal’oa “You’re to make your way to the target’s secondly computer terminal on the same deck, disrupt their main systems, keep them blind and crippled for as long as possible”. Six more heads bobbed in acknowledgement.

Tal’oa took a moment to breathe, getting out his tri-corder before continuing “Everyone in Team One, and One A, you are to download as much data onto your tri-corders as possible, that way, if one gets destroyed, the entire mission doesn’t fail”.

Tal’oa straightened himself up to his full height “Once all teams have completed their objective, you are to make your way to the extraction point, if you are too slow, you will have to be left behind, am I making myself clear” the Commander’s last words coming out in an commanding tone.

“Yes, Sir” a chorus of replies replied.

Commander Tal’oa nodded, then proceeded to watch as his troops did last minute equipment checks, ensured their weapons were ready and armed, and ensured their tri-corders were in an easy to reach place.

Yes, thought the commander with pride, this is going to be a very successful mission.


Ensign Mohan was getting more bored by the second, and more worried too. There was no sign of their target, and the more time went by, the more worried the ensign was that his commanding officer would get even angrier. That was one thing the ensign didn’t want.

Just as the ensign was about to lose hope, he caught sight of it. A Sovereign class cruiser, on its own, on the far side of New Romulus. The ensign did a quick visual scan, he couldn’t risk the runabouts sensors least they be detected, but it was indeed their target.

Ensign Mohan activated the runabouts comm system. “Cockpit to Rear Compartment”
This had better be good news ensign”. Replied what the ensign knew was the commander’s voice.

“Sir, we have found our target and it is confirmed”, replied the ensign.

On my way” replied Tal’oa.

A few seconds later Mohan heard the rear compartments bulkhead doors open, and the commander, along with ten other people, including the annoying female co-pilot entered the cockpit. Commander Tal’oa, walked straight over to the ensign’s chair, and stared out onto the Sovereign class cruiser which was large in the cockpit window.

The ensign saw his commander’s face spilt into a smile, which made him even more worried.

“Good job ensign” said Tal’oa.

Ensign Mahoa watched as the commander turned to the small group of people behind him.

“It is confirmed, get to the transporter, we beam to the target in 2 minutes” Bellowed Tal’oa.

Ensign Mohoa watched as the small group rushed out of the cockpit into the rear compartment, with Commander Tal’oa right behind them.

The cockpits bulkhead doors closed behind them with a small thud. Ensign Mohoa turned back to the cockpit window.

So, it’s started. Thought Mohan.

Now finally there was going to be some sort of excitement, which hopefully he would get a piece of as well. As the ensign stared at the Sovereign Class cruiser, he couldn’t but take notice of the ships name, written on the back of its starboard nacelle.

U.S.S. Zuikaku.

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