Sep 022015

Captain’s Log – U.S.S. Righetti

Stardate 93268.81


A few weeks have passed since we managed to kill one of the Iconians, and the war has nearly stagnated. We’re still losing vessels and systems but the rate has slowed. Our work with the Krenim proceeds, Captain Nog and his team of researchers trying to find a reasonable place to make a temporal incursion with this new ‘super weapon’ they’re designing. The shielded core reveals we’ve already made one unsuccessful attempt that resulted in the complete assimilation of Romulus by the Borg, possibly the only fate more horrible than its outright destruction. It seems nothing good ever comes from playing with “doomsday” devices, especially when we’re the good guys.

The crew of the Righetti has been hard at work trying to prepare the ship for our next Iconian confrontation. Lt. Cdr Toezza and Lt. Sek have proposed an adjustment to our weapons array that will allow another emitter to add another 110 degrees to its engagement zone without sacrificing any firepower. No doubt this will come in handy sooner rather than later. Commander Yalal has been doing her usual fantastic work as my XO and has managed to upgrade our Scorpion fighters with some unmanned Swarmer drones. This will reduce the risk to my flight controllers as they’ll no longer be overly exposed during combat situations, controlling the Swarmers from the new control pods adjacent to the shuttlebay. Their usage of antiproton beams instead of disruptor cannons will simplify our logistics and repair abilities as well, as our engineering staff no longer has to maintain multiple components and trained personnel.

The only conceivable downside to the switch to Swarmers would be the increased bandwidth demands on our comm array, but leave it to my Science and Engineering staffs to solve that problem before it even became an issue. I had heard some rumors of a joint project being worked on by Lt. Cdrs Mouja, Fyrsuk, and Beetoer, but rightly assumed that if they had something worth reporting going on, they’d share it with me in due time. They called me into Science Lab 1 the other day to show me their presentation for upgrading our Secondary Deflector (2D). Traditionally it’s always been simply a navigational deflector to keep debris and micrometeorites from punching nasty little holes in our hull at full impulse and warp speeds. In recent months most crews, and Starfleet as a whole, have realized the offensive and defensive possibilities it offers if properly modified. Our current 2D is a fantastic piece of equipment that has served us well these past many months, increasing our defensive capabilities significantly, and our offensive abilities by a notable margin. The 2D these officers designed and presented to me put that one to shame. 50% reduction in sensor sweep downtime, 10% boost to our particle generators, 20% boost to our inertial dampeners, without sacrificing the ‘byproduct’ radiation it allows us to direct at our opponents. Obviously I ordered them to implement the adjustments immediately, and just as obviously they told me the work had begun the same time their presentation did. I must be getting too predictable in my old age. I think I’ll blame Elea’s 200+ years of life rather than my not-quite-30 years as Lujayne for that predictability.


Lt (J.G.) R’rarj continues his work to discern the Herald’s next attack, but lately his efforts have been getting sidetracked by his liaison work with Starfleet Temporal Agents, especially Agent Cray. Frankly I’m still extremely surprised by the STA’s willingness to go along with the current Krenim plan to re-write history. Our last excursion apparently led to the erasure of a species called the Tuterians, which has hit one of Captain Nog’s research members especially hard. According to the data logs, he was happily married to a Tuterian woman named Clauda. The records indicate she was a pleasant woman and a brilliant scientist. It’s a shame I don’t recall meeting her. R’rarj continues to try to get updates from Agent Cray but his messages seem to be going unanswered. Seems like STA is scrambling to figure out why they didn’t see the flaws in the previous temporal excursion. The chance to see a bit of egg on the faces of the smug Temporal Agents might be satisfying or amusing if it didn’t come at the expense of a whole species.

During this temporary lull, and the Righetti sitting in space dock undergoing all of her upgrades, I took a few hours to go see some familiar faces from my recent past. Luck and random chance brought the U.S.S. Maggie Grace back to Earth for a short visit, my old Nebula-class command from back when I was a junior Captain in Starfleet and merely a Lt. Cdr in 101st Fleet. She’s been doing well, participating in some defensive skirmishes against the Iconians as part of 101st’s  delaying actions for its reserve component vessels. It was good to walk her corridors again, though there are fewer familiar faces than I might have hoped for still aboard her. I guess I stole more than a few when I transferred to the Vesta-class ships ever so long ago. Still, rumors are starting to creep out of the Admiralty that some senior Federation captains may be assigned as task force commanders, and I’d be lying if I said that sort of assignment didn’t intrigue me. Wouldn’t that be something? Me as a task force commander with all my old commands falling under me: the Nebula-class Maggie Grace, the Vestas Phoenix Askani and Heatherton, the Luna-class Lauren Cohan? Unlikely to ever happen, but a captain can dream right?


Anyway, the work continues undaunted. 101st has completed Phase 2 of our research facility upgrades as the fleet Admiralty keep us focused on a headlong rush to completion. The more advanced our facility, the greater the chances one of our fleet mates can help solve this Iconian problem.


*A comm unit beeps in the background*

That would be Lt. Cdr. Fyrsuk notifying me that the new deflector array is installed and operational. Time to go see what she can do and cause some trouble on behalf of the 101st Fleet. Computer end recording and save entry.

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