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I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek Online. Those products and trademarks are owned by CBS and Paramount. I am merely writing a Short story in regards to the Cryptic Game – Star trek Online. So Lawyers of those two icons please do not message me saying I am breaching copyright. As stated before, I do not own Star Trek, and merely play the game Star Trek Online and decided to write a short story (snigger) about my character if he was involved in that Universe. Now with that over and done with, on with the show.


As Aaron entered the Zuikaku’s main brig, it was like he was entering a morgue. The lights were mostly dimmed, allowing shadows to dominate the brig, like they were growing malicious entities bent on consuming anything that held light. The security officer was also different. Oblivious a shift change at the brig had occurred since the admiral had last visited. Instead of the Andorian guard who looked like he was a mythical warrior, stood a sole human female ensign.

A full foot shorter than the admiral, the ensign looked like she should still be in school, and not serving on a federation starship. Even in almost complete shadow, the ensign’s blonde hair seemed to shine, as if rebelling against the intruding shadows. Her face was youthful, childlike. If the admiral were to guess the ensign’s age, he would put her age at sixteen or fifteen.

Noticing the admiral’s entrance to the brig, the security officer directed a sweet small smile at the admiral. With a single nod, the ensign returned her attention to her console. Raising an eyebrow, the admiral had to take a second to look at the ensign. It was definitely unusual for a security officer to direct a smile at an admiral, especially when in the ships brig. It was definitely not an occurrence what seemed like a junior officer in age would be given a brig shift.

That wasn’t what worried the admiral. What worried him was despite the sweet smile directed his way, he was sure the ensign was a predator. All business, and definitely not someone to be messed with. It was like her smile was one of a Klingon, as he held a blade behind his back’ ready to sink it deep an opponents chest and twist at a moment’s notice.

What does lieutenant Amelia do? Thought the admiral. Pick all the scariest security officers for brig duty?

Shaking his head free of those thoughts, the admiral noticed the had also been a change in the amount of occupants in the brig. Instead of two people, only Emila Richardson remained, laying on her brigs bunk, staring up at the ceiling like it held some answer to life’s biggest questions.
Stepping to the forcefield, the admiral remained standing for a full minute, before Emilia seem to notice his presence.

“Back hey admiral?” Asked Emilia, still staring at the ceiling. “Here for more questions?”

“No” replied Aaron. “I think I have most of the answers I was looking for regarding you and your group”.

“Ahhh, I see you cracked our tricorders” said Emilia, with a hint of cheerfulness like a teacher praising her student for finding a solution to a question. With a chuckle Emilia continued “that will piss my colleague off. He was sure he had locked those things down enough you couldn’t extract any information”

“Speaking of your colleague, where is he?” Asked Aaron.

“He became too animated, so I had him removed to a different facility” joked Emilia

Coughing, the young ensign interrupted the discussion “Excuse me sir, Doctor Trel had the patient removed. She said something about ensuring he got medical attention”.

“Is there a security officer with him ensign?” Asked the admiral.

“Yes sir, but I don’t think he will need to worry about anything”

“Why’s that ensign?”

“Doctor Trel had me stun him the prisoner with my phaser sir” stated the ensign.

Admiral Aaron shook his head, to clear it. As he was sure he had misheard the ensign.
“Come again ensign?”

Admiral Aaron watched the ensign lowered her head slightly to the right, as if accessing her memories.

“The prisoner was getting quite agitated sir. Doctor Trek kept saying she wanted to ensure he wasn’t in serious medical danger. The prisoner keep spouting how we were all going to die, we couldn’t defeat his genius. It was oblivious that if we tried to escort him down to sickbay he would injury several of our security personal. So, Doctor Trel said to him plainly “either you’re coming with me conscious, or unconscious”.

“What happened then?” Asked the admiral.

“The prisoner gave the Doctor a rude gesture using his hand. So the doctor ordered me under a medical regulation he was a threat to the ship if he wasn’t subdued and checked medically. So under that regulation she had authorisation to use any necessary force to subdue him. So, using my phaser set to stun, I subdued him”.

Aaron took a moment to search his memory. He was vaguely aware of the medical regulation. It was use only in extreme or necessary circumstances. Given how doctors took an oath to “do no harm”. However, Starfleet medical also knew there would be instances when a patient, for their own good, or the good of a crew, needed to be restrained or subdued.

“Did I do something wrong sir?” Asked the ensign. Admiral Aaron could tell the ensign was genuinely concerned she had done something wrong. As her voice had a hint of fear, apology and uncertainly mixed in.

A smile appeared on the admiral’s face. “No ensign, you did what was ordered of you. No need to worry”.

“See. What did I tell you, a terrible guest to have in the room” stated Emilia, her raised voice echoing slightly across the room.

Glancing back at Emilia for a second, the admiral returned his gaze back to the ensign in front of him. “Thank you ensign, please wait outside. I wish to speak to the prisoner privately for a second”.

Hesitating, as if about to recite a Starfleet regulation regarding prisoners, the ensign noted the look on the admiral’s face. Nodding once, and with a few more taps on her console, the ensign turned and proceeded to walk out of the brig. The large grey doors opening and closing with an audible clang.

Turning to face the brig cell forcefield, Aaron saw Emilia had not moved from her position. Still lying face up on her bunk, staring at the ceiling. It was hard to believe this Emilia, was from the mirror universe. But the proof was undeniable. Without even realising it, the faintest hope, buried deep within Aaron’s sub-conscious, that this might be the real Emilia Richardson, somehow alive, died.

Deciding to get straight to the point, the admiral asked a single direct question.

“So, my mirror counterpart sent you?”

Not even looking, Emilia responded with a single word “Yep”

“Why?” Asked the admiral. He already knew the technical reason. But he was sure there was something personal behind the assault as well.

“Don’t know”

“That’s a lie, and you know it” stated Aaron.

Sighing, Emilia raised herself from her bunk. Dusting her uniform off, she approached the forcefield of her cell.

“I’m telling the truth Admiral. I honestly don’t know”

Blue eyes meet their counterpart, as the admiral searched for some sign of deception. Any sign that she was lying to him. However, those eyes were soft, genuine, even with a hint of sadness.

“Your mission was to steal data from our engineering core?”

“Yep” replied Emilia. “All we were told was the data’s reference codes, though pretty quickly once I saw the data scrolling across I knew what it was”.

“Where did you get the shuttle?”

A smirk appeared on Emilia’s face. “Stole it. I wasn’t there myself, but apparently we stole the runabout from another captain in our universe”

“And where did he get it from” asked Aaron

A shrug of shoulders greeted his question “Don’t know. Apparently it has been in our universe for some time”.

Admiral Aaron took a moment to comprise his thoughts, it was oblivious while Emilia knew a bit, and some information had been contained. Obliviously to prevent the situation where if she got captured, the entire operation would be put at risk. He also knew asking any more questions about the operation would be a waste of time.

Switching tactics, the admiral decided to found out more about this mirror Emilia was the order of the day.

“It sickens me slightly that there is mirror version of you in that universe. Especially considering what happened to our Emilia”

A look of complete shock showed up on Emilia’s face. “How could you say that? I’m my own person, you cannot let your universe Emilia be a determining factor on all us other versions, in how we act or are!” Her voice was raised, full of anger.

“You yourself said what happened when you encountered your mirror self. Was that a lie?”

“No!” Shouted Emilia, almost to the point of screaming “You can talk, look at what your mirror counterpart has done, and you’re lecturing me about myself!”

“I cannot change myself. I have no idea what goes on in your universe on a daily basis. I would have no idea how those experiences would change myself”

A sneer appeared on Emilia’s face “Oh, yes you do. You have proof of it. By me being here”.

Taking a breathe, Emilia continued “As I said before, it was fun for a while. But after learning more of what your universe was like, your damn federation values started to corrupt me”.

Aaron took a moment to look at Emilia, there was still more unsaid “That’s not all, that’s not the reason you got caught”.

A flash of an arm striking the forcefield followed. The hiss of the forcefield sounded as Emilia’s arm struck the forcefield again and again. Emilia’s voice raised again “You want MORE, fine. You know what it is like watching your back every single day. Constantly on the run, not able to trust anyone. Thinking there’s always a chance there is a knife hidden behind every smile. Then being reminded every day of an apparent paradise on the other side. Constantly out of reach” Emilia’s arm reached again, sly of the forcefield, as if putting words into action. “I was over it, I wanted it to end. I… I… Just wanted” Emilia’s voice began to crack, tears showing in her eyes.

Admiral Aaron’s voice became soft, warm, and straight to the point “You just wanted peace”.

A nod of Emilia’s head followed, along with tears running down her checks. A slight sobbing sound followed, as if a lifetime of hurt, pain, misery and sorrow had finally started to breach a great dam. Admiral Aaron took a look at the young lady in front of him, separated not only by a forcefield, but by an entire universe. He couldn’t even begin to think of what she had gone through, what the mirror universe had created and shaped the young lady in front of him. That couldn’t excuse her actions though. But maybe, just maybe, this was the first step to redemption and atonement.

“What’s going to happen to me?” Asked Emilia, her voice cracking.

Aaron sighed “You still attacked a federation starship, you will face a federation court, and most likely be sent to prison for quite a while I would suspect”.

“Nothing you can do about that?” Asked Emilia.

A shake of a head followed “No, you need to face justice for your crimes. I would be stepping on the very things I believe in if I tried to get you off scot free”.

A chuckle followed, and Aaron wondered what Emilia found so funny.

“Well, prison is better than being dead. Maybe in prison I can find some peace”

A smirk appeared on Aaron’s face “that’s not the reason you laughed just then”

Emilia raised her head, and the admiral could see the redness of her eyes from crying “Where would be the fun in telling you everything” Aaron could see the same smirk from before, but it seemed diminished, small.

Aaron turned around to leave, and started to walk toward the brig doors. Just before reaching them, Emilia’s voice called out.

“You better be careful. Your mirror universe counterpart is up to something big. Even I can tell this”

Aaron turned around, and looking Emilia straight in the eye, give the best confident grin he had.
“Well, I encountered him once before. I am sure if he tries anything in this universe. We will be able to stop him. After all, I know myself”

Instead of a confident grin the admiral was expecting, he got a feared look from the young lady behind the forcefield.

“You think you do, but he has changed since you last meet him. He is feared thought the quadrant, no one is willing to cross him. Yet how he got this reputation is so unusual for our universe. I fear you have no idea of what he is capable of, how far he will go without batting an eye, until it’s too late”.


Turbo lift doors parted, and Commander Tal’oa walked out onto the bridge. A sneer from him startled two security guards armed with phaser rifles on either side of the. Turbo list doors. Around the bridge, several faces looked up at the new arrival. An angry glare from Tal’oa quickly sent most of those faces back to the consoles they were working on. One or two faces, delayed looking away from the commander for several seconds, before reluctantly turning away back to their consoles.

Hmmmm, thought Tal’oa. Looks like there are several crewman who need to be reintroduce to the pain booth.

Walking down the side of the bridge, the commander walked to a door. Unusually, there were no security guards guarding the door. Which was highly unusual. However Commander Tal’oa had somewhat gotten use to the individual, who was behind the door, unusual habits.

Pressing a button on the side of the door, a muted chime could be hear on the other side.

Enter” came a solitary voice from the other side.

Entering in through the opening doors, Commander Tal’oa could see the room was darkened. There was no strong light source turned on, and only several small muted light sources could be seen. Waiting for the doors to close behind him, Tal’oa took a moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the darkness.

The room seemed still, heavy. As if the darkness itself was weighing the room down with its own great invisible weight. Tal’oa could see the desk in front of him, and behind that desk was a solitary chairs facing the opposite way. The chair seemed like a solid slab of black metal, thick enough to be the desks width. Tal’oa knew this wasn’t the case, and that it was a tick of the light, meant to I still fear. However, Tal’oa also knew it wasn’t the chair that instilled fear within him, but the person sitting in it.

“So commander, was your mission successful?” Asked the voice.

Tal’oa grabbed the tricorder from his hip, and placed it on the desk in front of him. “Yes sir, however there were complications”.

The chair in from of Tal’oa wobbled slightly “complications?”

Tal’oa remained standing straight. Steering himself, in an attempt to show no fear to the person sitting in the chair. Maybe, just maybe. If he showed no fear this time, he could keep repeating showing no sign of fear in the future.

“Yes sir. The Zuikaku, her crew, and her captain” Tal’oa splat the last words out.

“So, what did we lose?”

“We lost two of our commando squad sir. Emilia, and Scott were captured by the enemy”

The chair wobbled again. But this time the figure in the chair was moving to leave the chair. As the darkened figured approached Tal’oa, any pretence of him showing no fear evaporated. It was hard to believe such a figured instilled such fear with so little effect. However Tal’oa knew the reputation of the man approaching him.

It was hard to believe that, this Captain Aaron, Admiral Aaron’s mirror counterpart, was such a feared figure. Considering Tal’oa had seen the mirror universe counterpart, the two were as far opposite as two people could be. They had the same blue eyes, roughly the same build, even the same dark brown hair that was cut short.

Tal’oa forced himself to look Captain Aaron straight in the eye.

“A pity” started Aaron “the Bolian was a definite asset. Same with Lieutenant Emilia. You said captured. Well, not much they can do to comprise the mission”

Tal’oa flipped, this wasn’t going to be good. “They were captured with their tri-corders sir. I didn’t get a chance to destroy the tri-corders. So it is reasonable to assume the Zuikaku crew know what we were doing there”

“Well, that’s a pity as well then” responded Aaron

Tal’oa, for reasons unknown to himself, quickly breathed a sigh of relief. That relief was short lived as Captain Aaron, using a single hand, grabbed Tal’oa by the throat and slammed him into the ready room wall. An audible bang sounded through the room.

Tal’oa’s feet kicked, somehow he was being held at wall height, ten centimetres off the ground. The pain in his throat was extreme, and it took every ounce of his strength to draw even the slightest breathe. Both his hands were grasping at his throat, in a vain attempt to move the Captains hand even several centimetres to give his throat much needed oxygen. However Aaron’s hands were like steel, and refused to be budged.

“You know I don’t tolerate failure very well Commander” the Captains voice was calm, neutral. “Why did you fee exes scary to put me into a situation where I might need to kill you, you know I don’t like violence?”

Tal’oa struggling to breathe, and voice hoarse, responded “I figured the mission was more important sir. You told me to gather that info, which was our primary objective”

A smirk appeared on the Captains face, and his grip on Tal’oa tightened, even know Tal’oa thought it was impossible more pressure could be placed on his throat.

“More excuses Commander. You know what my policy is regarding excuses”

Tal’oa legs kicked again, trying to find some purchase on the wall behind him. If he could find a purchase, he could direct more energy to keeping his airway open.

“No excuse sir. I didn’t have time. When I tried, the Zuikaku’s security forces were already on top of us. I couldn’t reach them to do anything. If I had, I would be where they are now. Having failed you sir”

Tal’oa could see a grey tunnel forming around his vision. His lungs felt like they were about to explode. His eyes felt like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

Captain Aaron, chuckling, released his grip and allowed Tal’oa to fall to the floor. Tal’oa, his legs collapsing underneath him, grasped for breathe. As the cool flow of oxygen entered his lungs, the grey tunnel in his vision started to subside. Coughing, Tal’oa had to support himself on his arms, before raising his head again toward the Captain.

Captain Aaron, standing over him, had one hand towards Tal’oa, and a smile on his face. Tal’oa, looking at the Captains arm for a second, placed his left hand onto the Captains. In a jerking motion, Captain Aaron raised Tal’oa off of the floor, and back onto his feet.

Brushing Tal’oa uniform off, Captain Aaron had the same friendly smile planted on his face, which scared Tal’oa even more.

“My apologises Commander. I believe I lost my temper. Considering the circumstances, you did well to escape with what we needed”

Tal’oa watched as Captain Aaron moved back toward his desk. Picking up the tricorder, Aaron pressed several buttons. Several holograms appeared over his desk, showing Impulse engine, phaser array, and other equipment schematics.

“Hahn, the famous Mark Fourteen project. Why develop something yourself when you can get Starfleet do it for you”.

Tal’oa found his voice, though it still felt raw “yes sir. The schematics are already been downloaded to our computer core”.

Captain Aaron, still looking at the schematics, with his back toward Tal’oa simply nodded. Usually Tal’oa may have in the pat use their opportunity to stab a Captain in the back. However Tal’oa knew what had happened to the last crewman who had attempted the same thing to the Captain.

“Commander” started Aaron. “I hope in the future you show more initiative to changing circumstances, I would hate for you to have to clean ISS Zuikaku’s plasma conduits”

A jolt raised through Tal’oa body, and one of his deepest fears surfaced. The Captain had mentioned cleaning plasma conduits. Tal’oa knew what that meant, and wanted to avoid it at all costs.

“Yes sir” responded Tal’oa, his voice full of strength.

“Good, it’s nice to see you can raise to the circumstance Commander”

Tal’oa thought for a second, and decided he needed to ask the question.
“Sir, before you said you wouldn’t harm the Zuikaku or her crew. So what’s this about?”

Captain Aaron turned to face Tal’oa “oh I meant it. I do not intend to harm the Zuikaku or her crew. If it can be helped. However I needed something from them. They leave me alone, and we can all be good friends, even best friends”

Tal’oa watched the Captains grin grow even more, clapping his hands together, he continued.
“But, they try to stop me, for simply gathering some reading material, and I will need to unfortunately take them out. A shame too, I hope for one day both of our crews to have a lunch together or something”

Tal’oa looked at the Captains smile, and his eyes, which could be described as maniac. He meant every word of what he said.

He’s crazy, completely and utterly crazy. Though Tal’oa

“Dismissed Commander” stated Aaron.

Tal’oa, turning, exited the ready room as fast as his legs could carry him. Waiting for the ready room door to close behind h on the bridge, Tal’oa could feel his hands shaking.

Stop it, commanded Tal’oa mentally to his hands.

But despite his command, his hands continued to shake, and as Tal’oa walked up the bridge, the shaking seemed to raise up through his entire body. As if the commander had meet the devil himself in human form.

As if to confirm his thought, Tal’oa thought he could hear the most evil laugh coming from the ready room, as if the greatest evil in the universe was just behind the door.

Tal’oa hoped with all of his heart, that no one was stupid enough to be the person to open that door.


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