Feb 202016

February 2016

Good day fellow Captains. Welcome to the 101st Fleet “State of the Fleet” for February 2016. It has been a big 4 weeks ingame, with some dev blogs coming out that will shake the foundation of the game. So without further ado, lets “engage”.


Again our fine Facebook captains have shown us their talen with screenshots, articles, discussions and videos. Please see the below example of several of them.

Captain Carter shows us his new T6 Tactical Odyssey, the USS Victory, in Earth Orbit.

USS Victory

Captain Roxana of the 102nd Fleet, and Admiral Aaron of the 101st fleet, discuss fleet deployments between the two fleets.

Captain Roxana and Admiral Aaron

Captain Chris also posted a very funny image down TNG style with our favourite Captain and beared first officer.

Make it Sew

Please, continue to send in your screenshots, videos, and stories about Star Trek and Star Trek online. This Facebook page is for our community, and to share your stories. I always enjoy seeing what happens on this page.

Cryptic Game News

USS Enterprise

It has been a busy 4 weeks for Cryptic. With the games 6th anniversary in full swing, and a new featured episode. There were also one or two surprises no one was expecting.

T6 Flagships

T6 Odyssey

Each faction had their T6 Flagship released in the past few weeks. With the Odyssey, Scimitar and Bortasqu all getting their revamps.

Design of Odyssey

It was interesting to see how Cryptic redesigned these flagships, as well as how they made each one different and gave each their console type.

Please check these ships out in your local C-Store.

Skill Tree Revamp

Skill tree revamp

Just announced yesterday,a nd just posted to the tribble test server today, a skill tree revamp is coming in the new season. Rebuilt from the ground up apparently, we are going to see a drastic change from our old skill tree to the new one.

Not much information is known apart from this. But I am sure we will receive much for information as the weeks proceed.

However, we do have a built of information thanks to a dev blog from borticus. Please check it out in the attached link.


Equator Alliance

There has been any further news regarding the Equator alliance. As things are running pretty smoothly, and the alliance as a whole continuing to help one another out.

Please remember that there is a chat channel ingame called “Equator” for the alliance. If you haven’t been invited to the channel, please let me know, and I will send you an invite.

Please also remember to be on your best behaviour in the channel, as you are representing the 101st and 102nd Fleets.

Final Notes

Next months “State of the Fleet” will be posted on March 19th. But that time I am sure we will have a whole bunch more information regarding the skill tree revamp, as well as everyone else coming with Season 12(TBC).

I hope everyone has a nice day. I hope to see you ingame. If you do, please send me a hail along general frequencies, I will surely respond.

Happy warp speed.

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