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Good day to you fine captains. Welcome to this months “State of the Fleet” for February 2017. This is your one stop shop for news pertaining to the 101st & 102nd fleets. As well as Facebook group news, news directly from Cryptic. As well as Equator Alliance news.

So set your subspace frequencies to “Do not disturb” and lets get on with exploring the great unknown of this month’s blog post.


First off, we have a promotional image provided by none other than Admiral Ieon of the 102nd Fleet. This screenshot shows Admirals Lawford and Roxana (Ieon) staring one another down before the big fight. The shot was taken from USS Zuikaku’s bridge.

Fight, Fight, Fight

On Another post, we have Captain Lujayne showing off one of her Vesta class ships. This shot was taken roughly one month before the release of the T6 Vestas. Still, it is a good screenshot to look at.

Vesta T5

Another shot we have is from the 102nd Fleet’s facebook page. This show shows the USS Queen Mary, and the USS Aetherios Omega at Deep Space 102.

Kelvin ships ahoy

Remember folks, everyone is welcome to join the 101st and 10n2 fleet facebook pages if you are a member of our fleet. These pages are for everyone to share their screenshots, stories, and other fun things Star Trek Online, and Star Trek related.


Reaper86 Productions has been hard at work the last few months. Producing some high quality videos to showcase the 102nd & 101st fleets. Again, I am sure every member of the 101st & 10nd fleets appreciate Ieon’s hard work and dedication.

First off, is the video show casting the USS Queen Mary on a rescue mission. It is a very good blend of camera work, storyline, and music that really brings together this 7 minute video. Check it out below.

Reaper86 productions, in association with Foxman86 movies, also producted the brillant video show casting the USS Queen Mary’s & USS Zuikaku’s epic PvP fight. Another of good camera work in this video.

Not to be outdone, Captain Carter has also producded a video based off the Featured Episode Surface Tension. You can check it out below.

102nd Fleet needs you!!!!

As Admiral Ieon continues, with his senior command staff to expand the 102nd fleet, he needs your help. Admiral Ieon is looking to continue to promoting the 102nd Fleet on Facebook and Youtube. If you have ideas on how Admiral Ieon might be able to do this, please contact him ingame or through Facebook.

Also, if you feel you can assist with promotion the 102nd fleet. Please also let Admiral Ieon know. He needs every bodied Starfleet officer he can get.

Admiral Ieon is also looking to expand the 102nd Fleet onto the Playstation version of Star Trek Online. If you are a playstation player who has Star Trek online, please let Admiral Ieon know. This will help him gauge how many people might be willing to be willing.

101st Fleet – Fleet Holdings Report

As I write this, the 101st Fleet is nearing completion of the K-13 space station we started several months ago. We are 4 days away now from upgrading the station to complete Tier 3. 101st Fleet senior command would like to thank everyone who contributed to the fleet holding. As always, your hard work, dedication, and teamwork has paid off. Well done.

102nd Fleet holdings

The 102nd fleet continues to build its fleet holdings slowly. At this time, the starbase is at tier 3 shipyard and space station. Other fleet holdings are a mix between tier 2 and 1. Please, if you have a 102nd fleet toon, contribute what you can when you can. The more we build the base up, the more reserve 102nd fleet will have to access fleet items without having to swap instances.

Cryptic Game news


Usually, I would post several smaller items about what Cryptic has been doing the last month. However, this time, I will only be focusing on one news article. Specifically, a change that was just announced this morning.

A major game rebalance effort. Please see the full text from one of the devs below.

Star Trek Online has been live for just over seven years at this point, during which time we have been adding and updating new content to play, new systems to interact with, and new mechanics to utilize. Now, we are excited to announce that one major project going on is a re-balancing of a great number of the abilities and items that players use in combat.

Given the opportunity to make such drastic changes to Star Trek Online’s experience, it was important to setup some guiding principles to ensure that the game, as much as possible, only gets better.

The goals boil down to these:

Increase the fun – Games are about having fun, and players should not be made to feel that their fun is “wrong.”
Player investment retains value – While things need to be adjusted, a setup that was optimized before should still be useful and effective afterwards.
Choices should be meaningful – Anywhere the game gives you a choice, there should be no choice that you always take nor one you never take.

One of the great strengths of Star Trek Online’s combat system is how expansive it is, and the freedom it gives players to choose the combinations of items and abilities that gives them the playstyle that they want. The vast number of choices already in-game means that as we re-visit the utility and strength of various options, players will have the opportunity to re-discover a lot of abilities and items they may have cast aside, and some things that you already use should become a lot more fun and enjoyable to use.

The immediate changes being made are to ground combat, with a bigger set of space changes coming to Tribble in the near future. As a preview, some of the changes coming to ground include:

A stealth module re-design to improve its general usefulness and unique feel. In its re-designed state, when you activate stealth module, you become cloaked; after a short duration, you can attack, gaining a damage buff while attacking from behind that lasts the duration the stealth buff would have, but ending the stealth early.
Your captain now uses a combadge to communicate – many of the Command kit modules that used to just affect an area near you now affect your entire team, no matter how far!
Tactical Initiative has also received a few changes – it now lasts longer, but cannot have its cooldown reduced, and only affects the caster’s kit modules. Those changes are intended to make it so that the Tactical Initiative remains valuable to use while active, but changes the amount of performance spike that non-tactical captains get due to tactical captains, and ensures that non-kit abilities designed around a long cooldown retain that balance point.
Security Escorts should now be more useful while in combat– they now move faster to keep up with you better, and hit harder while out, but in return players are limited to one pair at a time.

This is just a short list of some of the changes being made to ground – a Tribble patch shortly will have the full list and details. Keep your eyes peeled for that patch, and a blog talking about some of the bigger changes to space balance that will be coming soon!

John “CrypticSpartan” Leavens

Associate Systems Designer

Star Trek Online

The first changes have already hit the tribble test server. As a new patch was uploaded just a few hours ago. There are a massive amount of changes, so I will simply post the link to the tribble patch notes.


Please be aware, this is a 2.5GB patch. This is also the first part of many changes coming to Star Trek Online.


I usually do not do this, however, as my capacity as 101st Fleet admiral, I feel it is my duty in this instance to offer advice. If anyone has been thinking of making a major build change, or go on a spending spree to “EPIC” out their gear, I would recommend waiting.

At this time, we have no idea how space is going to be effected. I would feel awful if someone spent alot of ingame currency for a item, only for it to be majorly changed a few weeks or even days later.

Again, this is only a recommendation, as I have no desire to tell people how to run their ships and crew. But I would also like to see that everyone continue to enjoy this game. I will be keeping AN EXTREMELY CLOSE eye on tribble the next few weeks. Any major changes I see, will be communicated with.

I will also be posting on Facebook evey major tribble patch with these fixes or changes. To ensure everyone is heavily informed.


Equator alliance chat has been pretty quiet of late. I have to say, I am also responsible for this, as I haven’t been posting in there often enough. Equator alliance has a chat channel ingame called “EQUATOR”.

This chat channel is primary for alliance members, and other captains to communicate with. To say hello every once in a while, ask for teammates for STF runs, as well asking for build advice, or invites to each others fleet holdings.

Please use this channel where possible, even if it is just to say hello. Lets keep come great communication going so we can continue to show the alliance what a friendly helpful bunch we are.

If anyone is having trouble getting into the channel, please send me a message ingame, or talk to me directly.



Next months State of the Fleet is on March 18th 2017. Again, if anyone has any feedback regarding these posts, or wishes for additional content, please let me know. As always, this blog posts are for you, so anything that can further enhance them, I will definitely be looking at.

Happy warp speed, and I will see you ingame.

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