ALERT – Site malware attack has been averted

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Jan 102018

Priority: Alpha

Message: It has come to the administration command that a number of malware attacks have been made against our holonet page.

After thorough examination by our finest engineers the problem has been found and dealt with.

A cleanup followed this process.

Everything is back to normal.

All personnel is advised to check their email accounts if they are associated with and delete anything that seems malicious.

Report any problems directly to the administration command at:

Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command

STO – Delta Rising – October 14th Patch Times

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Oct 132014

Hello Everyone

Well, the time is here ladies and gentleman, Delta Rising patching begins tomorrow, and after the patch we will be in the world of Delta Rising.

Delta Rising

Please be advised that the patch times for Delta Rising are between 1300 – 1700 Hours UTC time on October 14th (UTC time is basically GMT time, the timezone London is in).

If you are unsure of the timezone in your area, this website can be of assistance.

Remember, this expansion includes the biggest coming together on Star Trek stars basically ever in this game. Tuvok, Harry Kim, Neelix and of course Seven of Nine.


So buckle up Captains, we are about to head into Star Trek Online’s Second expansion, your gonna love it 🙂

Voyager in Space

101st Fleet – State of the Fleet – July 2014

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Jul 192014

Members of the 101st Fleet, welcome to another eagerly anticipated edition of the 101st Fleet “State of the Fleet” for the month of July 2014, one of your own stop features for news and cool things happening within the 101st Fleet and aboard :).


This month, the “featured ship of the month” currently being displayed is Captain Carter’s Avenger Class USS Lancaster. I haven’t personally flown with this avenger class Lancaster much, but from what I have been told it is definitely a formidable ship and a great captain and crew to be helping you out in the midst of battle :). Again congratulations to Captain Carter, if you are interested in seeing the article about his ship please check the below link.

And in breaking news, Captain Gunnerwolf of the USS War Dog has just won the featured ship poll for the month of August. Captain Gunnerwolf managed to beat out a surge by Captain Matthew’s USS Forward Unto Dawn at the last moment poll. Congratulations go to Captain Gunnerwolf :), you will be contacted by representive’s of the 101st Fleet Administrative command to discuss the article upcoming for August.

Also remember everyone, if you wish to have your ship placed down to be a contender to be voted for, please either message on our facebook page or message me in-game to have your ship nominated.

Our facebook page has usual has been pretty active with several posts, screenshots/pictures and videos posted in the last month. This again includes another excellent video by our own Vice Admiral Ieon. This video, titled “Imperial Nemesis” is a excellent edition to his going list of home made videos. It also show cases how great Ieon has become in making this videos and his ever increasing skills. Please check it out below.

Captain Brian’s Promotion – To Vice Admiral

Also we have a important announcement, earlier this month Captain Brian was promoted by 101st Fleet Senior Command to the rank of Vice Admiral. Vice Admiral Brian has been with the fleet a long time and has always been eager to help out and assist others. He is also a very good PvP player who has worked hard to get some more 101st Fleet member’s doing PvP. Vice Admiral Brian has also been a good Ambassador for the 101st Fleet, frequently talking with out Equator alliance Ambassador’s to keep good communication and friendly relations going. As a result of this senior command welcomes his to the position of Vice Admiral. Congratulations Vice Admiral Brian 🙂

Website Administrators Acknowledgement

Also, I would also like to take the time to thank Vice Admiral Jim, Captain Bill, and the other team members of the administrative command for all your hard work on the Fleet’s website. Without you guys doing everything behind the scenes, this website would simply not exist. So for all those tireless hours you put into the website, I am sure i can put forward the Fleet’s entire sense of thanks for your hard work. If you guys ever see Vice Admiral Jim or Captain Bill and the other’s in game, just say a nice thank you for all their hard work (“and for the chance for me to ramble about it constantly :)”)

Cryptic – Season 9.5 Released

Season 9.5 Release

This Thursday Cryptic released the eagerly awaited Season 9.5, with the one major featured it focused on, a major and complete crafting remake and update.

With the crafting remake, things are a lot different in how you raise your crafting level, but there are alot of little rewards and additions you can get for yourself and your ship only through crafting. I have checked out several of these editions on tribble server, and some of them look pretty cool.

New traits, new type of weapons and consoles you can add to your ship, and to your captain on the ground. I say of you get time to start slowly levelling up your crafting level, as apparently there is more down the road that will be added to the crafting system.

There has also been a redesign of the DOFF UI interface. It is definitely something different and will take some getting used to. There are some bugs with this UI at the moment (not able to start some DOFF missions etc) by Cryptic are working on the bug fixes at this time.

There has also been a addition of some new Odyssey type uniforms for your captain to wear, and they look beautiful and very nicely done. Please see the below image for just one of the new types of uniforms and how it looks 🙂

Odyssey Uniform

Xindi Lockbox

With the release of the new “mini season”, also came the release of a new lockbox. The Xindi Lockbox is based on the alliance of species that was introduce in Star Trek: Enterprise’s third TV season. These new lock box introduces 2 new ships you can possible get from either the lockbox or by using lobi to purchase. These ships being the Xindi-Aquatic Narcine Dreadnought Carrier and the Xindi-Reptilian Contortrix Escort.

Xindi Carrier

The Aquatic Carrier is a tactically focused dreadnought ship, with a commander tactical station and Lt Commander Universal station it looks to be a very capable ship, even potentially challenging the Jem-Hadar Dreadnought Carrier for the one of the games best carriers.

I have seen this ship in orbit around Earth Space Dock, and I have to say this ship looks amazing. It is a beautiful piece of art and just looks like it was made to glide through the stars. I haven’t seen this ship in action yet, however I am eagerly looking forward to when I do :)/

Xindi Escort

The Reptilian escort is on the opposite side, it is a escort ship who’s weapons layout (5 fore, 2 aft) make it seem more like a raider than a true escort. With a Commander tactical and Lt Commander engineering BOFF Layout on the top end of the spectrum, it seems to be a capable ship. I haven’t seen this ship yet in sector space or in action, however it will be curious to see how this ship performs.

Both ships come with their own unique console. The Aquatic Carrier receives the “Console – Universal – Cascade Resonance Catalyst” while the reptilian escort receives the “Console – Universal – Xindi Weapon Platform”.

If you wish to see full details of these ships please visit the following link below.

Upcoming Weekend Events

Upcoming weekend events from Cryptic include a double dilithium weekend between Friday 25th July 2014 – Tuesday 29th July 2014. This weekend boosts alot of the dilithium rewards in the game from VIP mining claims, the fleets dilithium mine, and the ferengi mine near DS9. a perfect time to restock your dilithium supplies :).

Equator Alliance News


In equator alliance news, the new website continues to go from strength to strength. New posts coming from all members and many people posting on the alliance website.

We also have our first “Equator Alliance” official monthly update. This update comes from Fleet Admiral “Bunny” of the special service squadron, one of the co-founders of that fleet. Please see her update below…

Congratulations Foxman of the 101st on his election for a second term to the Equator Council.

New House Rules for Equator are posted on the Equator website. Please review them. Loot is Greed or Pass unless otherwise decided by the team.

Equator PvP is increasing. Please sign up for the Equator Training channel to participate (type /channel_join Equator Training).

The first Equator Forum contest is up! Go to for details, and if you haven’t signed up already now is a good time to do it!

(There are still minor problems with the Equator Forum, especially with the login. You may need to enter login information twice to access the forum. We are actively trying to fix this, please bear with us).”

We thank Admiral Bunny for this equator alliance update, these updates and intended to occur every month so hopefully this means that each “State of the Fleet” post will have a update from the Equator Council.

I would highly encourage everyone to sign up to this website and have a visit and a look around. There is a ship building forum where some of the veterans of the alliance have posted their own ship builds and what they have done with them.

Also, remember the alliance also has a ingame chat channel called “Equator” so if you are not part of that channel I highly encourage you to sign up and start chatting, as the channel is full of helpful alliance members. If you do wish to be part of the channel, please message me (Admiral Aaron) ingame and I will set it up for you.

The Alliance website address is, or simply click here

Next month’s “State of the Fleet” will be posted on August 23rd. As we start to get into the second half of the year we should now have more tipbiys of information starting to appear at what the second expansion, slated for release late this year may contain. Stay tuned as I am sure we are about to enter into another exciting time for Star Trek Online.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this “State of the Fleet” for the month on July 2014. I wish everyone a wonderful day, happy warp speed and I will see you ingame 🙂

This is Admiral Aaron signing off 🙂

Featured Ship of the Month: U.S.S. Lancaster

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Jul 062014

Greetings fellow officers of the 101st,

This is the Featured Ship article for the month July of 2014, and this time we feature the talented U.S.S. Lancaster. Fleet Captain Carter and her crew keep themselves busy with a very sleek ship, forged for war and bred to bring pain to the enemy. A Fleet Avenger Class the Lancaster is equipped with many toys to wreck havoc on the enemy.

Captain Carter is a native of Earth; she was born in Europe, on Wiltshire, on the island of Britain. Her father was an officer of the Starfleet as well. She joined the academy at age 25. Let’s meet Captain Carter and her ship then:

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:Greetings Captain Carter, thank you for accepting us.

FCpt. Carter:The pleasure is all mine Vice Admiral. What you wish to know about my ship?

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:What you think is the strongpoint of the Lancaster?

FCpt. Carter:The strongpoint i think is the M.A.C.O. Space set and her turn rate at 9.

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:What you value most in your crew?

FCpt. Carter:What I value is the bridge stations

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:Taking into account the ship’s role; how hard (or not) it is for it to maintain operational integrity?

FCpt. Carter:Well the fleet avenger class battle cruiser is that the Hull and shield is low but the M.A.C.O. set, miracle worker and the bridge stations keeps the Hull and shields up and turn rate 9 helps too.

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:What is the hardest mission you had to put the Lancaster through?

FCpt. Carter:The hardest 2 missions the Lancaster has done is. A Gathering Darkness – A Federation Colony has been infected with the borg nanovirus can you rescue the data that will creat a cure. Assimilation – The Undine are one of the few races powerful enough to stand up to the borg. And Because the only star ship to help was the uss Lancaster. but she stand up to the borg and undine it was close the uss Lancaster had heavy damage she lost 100 crew out of 500 crew was in drydock for 6 weeks for repairs.

FVAdm Jim J. Marquiz:Thank you for your time Captain.

That was all the time we had for this month. I hope you enjoy the presentation Fleet Captain Bill has organized for you on the Fleet Ships section (here). Until next month, Live Long and Prosper.

Vadm Jim j. Marquiz
U.S.S. Themis (NX-97977-Z) [Vesta Class]
Chief Administrator
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet Administrative Command

101st Fleet – State of the Fleet – June 2014

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Jun 212014

“Caribbean music plays in the background”

Welcome Everyone of the 101st Fleet, to the “State of the Fleet” for the month of June 2014, coming to you live from the Risian Beaches :).

Party Time

This is Fleet Admiral Aaron with this month’s edition. Your monthly post with what is going on with the 101st Fleet, Equator Alliance; official updates from Cryptic and other news and tip bits.

First Off, this month’s “Featured Ship of the month” is Captain Bill’s USS Biliskner. It took us two rounds of voting to come up with Captain Bill’s ship being the winner, narrowly beating our Captain Carter’s USS Lancaster. Captain Bill’s Avenger Class USS Biliskner is a very good ship, with Captain Bill having built, refined and tweaked the ship for months to get her to what she is today; not a ship you want to turn your back on :).

Congrats to Captain Bill on being the featured ship for June.

Captain Carter has just won the facebook poll for the featured ship for the month of July, so stay tuned for his Galaxy Class USS Lancaster to appear in a featured ship article. Congratulations to Captain Carter on the win.

Also remember everyone, if you wish to have your ship placed down to be a contender to be voted for, please either message on our facebook page or message me in-game to have your ship nominated.

Our facebook page has several new posts, screenshot/pictures and videos posted in the last month. This include the newest 101st Production blockbusters from emmy award winning Vice Admiral Ieon 🙂 Check out one of his latest director releases below.

The 101st Imperial fleet is always looking for Klingon players to join; so if you are interested please contact Vice Admiral Leo or Vice Admiral Jim in-game or via a in-game message or mail item.

101st Fleet Turns 2 Years Old

The 101st Fleet celebrated its second birthday at the beginning of June, marking 2 years since the fleet was created by then Fleet Admiral Piotriok and Fleet Admiral Dimitrius Kirk. A lot has happened in those 2 years, and there is a forum post on our website that encourages you to share your stories and history with the fleet. Fleet Senior Command sends its immense thanks and appreciation for all the hard work, friendly natured, and fun filled times 🙂 our members have given us in those 2 years.

In those 2 years we have fully completed 3 Fleet holdings, fully completed our tier 5 shipyard and starbase; managed to be a part of a major alliance ingame “Equator”.

To say we are proud would be a understatement, and I am sure Piotriok and Dimitrius Kirk, wherever they are, are happy we are still alive and thriving :).

Cryptic – Crafting Revamp – Season 9.5

Crafting Revamp

Cryptic have announced a major crafting overhaul to be a part of Season 9.5 release. For everyone who doesnt know, crafting was a way you get get particles and other materials, craft them into gear, consoles, and other bits you could fit to your ship or crew. Of later however crafting has been kind of dead with the reputation and fleet systems by-passing it.

Well now the devs are doing something about it. a Crafting revamp will be part of Season 9.5 (Scheduled for Late July currently). Actually, today the crafting system for Season 9.5 has appeared on the tribble test server. So if you are interested check it out.

Risa – Summer Event

Risa Fun

The Risa Summer event, which started June 5th, continues to go on for tons of fun for players at the Risa system. There you can get powerboards, floaters, swimwear, monkey pets or parrot pets, and a whole host of other fun activities.

Remember, if you complete in the daily “flying high” mission at Risa, you will earn 40 pearls that could be used once you have enough of them, to purchase a Risian Cruiser or Corvette ship.

Remember, this event ends July 17th, so hurry on down to Risa to join the fun :).

Also, at this time there are rumours of the next lock box being a Xindi based lockbox, based of the allied race of aliens off of Star Trek: Enterprise. Nothing is confirmed at this stage but we will keep you informed of any development.

Weekend Event

The next Cryptic weekend event runs from June 27th to July 1st. This weekend event is a bonus mark event. This event you can earn bonus reputation system marks and fleet marks, up between 50% to 100% extra. A perfect time to help yourself get that elusive or much sort after reputation gear :).

Equator Alliance News

Equator Alliance

In Equator Alliance news, the equator website is NOW LIVE 🙂 The equator website is now a website where alliance members can go and see material, information; helpful tips and advice. As well as a ton load of other information or general discussions regarding Star Trek Online and the Alliance. We would like to make a shout out to the Special Service Squadron and the Scourage fleet for making this website for the alliance. We appreciate your hard work.

I would highly encourage everyone to sign up to this website and have a visit and a look around. There is a ship building forum where some of the veterans of the alliance have posted their own ship builds and what they have done with them

The alliance website address is

Also, remember the alliance also has a ingame chat channel called “Equator” so if you are not part of that channel I highly encourage you to sign up and start chatting, as the channel is full of helpful alliance members. If you do wish to be part of the channel, please message me (Admiral Aaron) ingame and I will set it up for you.

Next Months state of the fleet will be posted on July 19th July 2014. Which we will hopefully have more information on what is coming in Season 9.5, or even a release date (or even better coming live from the seasons release :). I hope everyone has enjoyed this state of the fleet for the month of June 2014. I wish everyone a wonderful day; hope to see you in-game and happy warp speed everyone.

Now if you excuse me, I am going back to enjoying some surfing and a risian chocolate frudge drink 🙂

Featured Ship of the Month: U.S.S. Biliskner

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Jun 082014

//// Transmission Starts…..

…. Relay Protocol initiated …..

Fleet Press Office ////

Jolan Tru fellow officers of the 101st Fleet,

This is Fleet Commander Valak i-Rhehiv’je tr-Tomalak of the R.R.W. Ael Kaleh onboard the U.S.S. Biliskner, on the Galdonterre Sector of the Gamma Orionis Sector Block where the ship is currently on patrol duty. The reason I’m on-board this fine piece of Federation Technology is for me the interview its captain, Fleet Captain Dennis “Bill” Anderson of the Fleet Administration Department. The U.S.S. Biliskner, an astonishing ship I have to confess, has been elected after a hard battle and a subsequent tie-breaker with Fleet Captain Carter’s, U.S.S. Lancaster, as the Featured Ship of the Month for June. Captain Bill has agreed to give me an interview where we will talk about his ship and his career, at length.

First of all let me say a few things about the U.S.S. Biliskner. The Biliskner is an Avenger Class Fleet Battle Cruiser specialized in early warning and control and also on counterintelligence. It has over the years helped prevent many attacks on Federation space as many as it has repelled on its own. She is a sturdy ship with an more than adequate firepower to give three times as many Borg Cubes a bad day. Captain Bill is the first captain to be on the helm of this ship and he has a policy that matches the Motto of the U.S.S. Biliskner, “Courage is …the Mastery of fear”, as he (and his crew) have displayed on more than one occasion.

So lets begin our interview with Fleet Captain Anderson:

Cmdr. Valak: “Greetings Captain, thank you for receiving us on such a sort notice. How is the patrol duty going?”

Cpt. Anderson: “Well met Commander, the patrol is going smoothly. I wish to thank you for taking the time to honor me with an interview for the Featured ship article, to tell you the truth I’m surprised our ship got picked for this. We at the Biliskner don’t seek to get that much press on us. But it seems that the fame of the ship has expanded the last couple of months. As I said it is an honor.”

Cmdr. Valak: “So lets us begin then. What you think is the strongpoint of the Biliskner?”

Cpt. Anderson: “I think the Biliskner’s strongpoint is really the fact that it doesn’t pull punches. As a captain, it’s my job to make sure everything runs smoothly, in and out of combat. The ship itself is, despite being well-balanced, rather unforgiving. If I make a bad call, the ship makes sure we all know about it–sometimes that means mass space-walks to replace and repair hull-plating, sometimes that means long hours for the engineering crews to replace blown EPS conduits. But on the flip-side of that coin, when I and my crew are working well, the Biliskner performs wonders for us. I couldn’t ask for more than that.”

Cmdr. Valak: “You seem to put a lot of trust on your crew. What you value most in them?”

Cpt. Anderson: “I think the quality that I value most in my crew, both as a group and as individuals, is their honesty. I’m no stranger to the fact that the ship we serve on was built for war. A lot of times that can mean making tough calls, and it means being away from home for long stretches of time. I want my crew to feel like they can come to me if they see any problems on the ship, or if they’re not satisfied with the way things are being run. I know that kind of policy leaves room for potential abuse of authority, but I trust Starfleet’s judgement in the people they assigned under my command, and I trust my own judgement in the officers I requested. Suffice it to say that I haven’t had any problems yet.”

Cmdr. Valak: “You said earlier that the ship is well balanced, but taking into account the ship’s role; how hard (or not) it is for it to maintain operational integrity?”

Cpt. Anderson: “Like I said, the Biliskner is a battle-ready vessel, and it leaves all of us a little high-strung. I’ve heard stories from a few friends about crews that worked well together on the clock, but didn’t get along with each other on a personal level, if only because the front-lines can be a…challenging place to work. I’d like to say I’ve been lucky and that my crew works brilliantly together. But we’ve had a few scuffles between people who had been working longer hours than they probably should have, or hadn’t been taking adequate down-time between shifts. Nothing my CMO hasn’t been able to patch up, and most conflicts get resolved peacefully when it’s all said and done. There have been a couple shifts that needed rearranging though, to keep certain individuals away from each other for their own sakes.”

Cmdr. Valak: “Speaking of scuffles, what was the hardest mission you had to put the Biliskner through?”

Cpt. Anderson: “It’s funny you ask me that because there is one in particular that comes to mind. It wasn’t necessarily a mission, but it certainly fell under our orders at the time. About 3 months ago now, my crew and I were scouting a rather active portion of the Galdonterre sector, and we stumbled onto an active Unimatrix vessel guarded by at least a dozen Cubes and maybe twice that many Spheres. We were pumping all the power we could into the long-range scanners at the time, so we found them before they saw us… but they’re the Borg. We didn’t get the chance to turn back before two of the Cubes came after us followed by several Spheres. Honestly I don’t remember most of it. All I know is that when it was all said and done the Biliskner was missing nose of the saucer-section and the impulse engines were almost completely ruined. Life-support wasn’t down completely–the rebreathers still worked–but the heaters had stopped functioning and it was getting cold. We never found out what the Borg were doing there, but after we took out the Cubes they retreated and we didn’t see them again. My tactical officer must have sent a message to Battle Group Omega right after the fight started because a couple ships showed up within a couple hours to tow us back to the Alpha Quadrant.”

Cmdr. Valak: “That is all the time we had for this, very interesting I must say, interview. Thank you for taking the time Captain Anderson from your very tight schedule.”

Cpt. Anderson: “Thank you Commander, the pleasure was all mine. Live long and prosper.”

You can find the presentation of the Biliskner following this link here. I hope you enjoy both the interview and the presentation of the Biliskner and its captain. Until next month safe travels to all of you. Valak out!

FCmdr Valak i-Rhehiv’je tr-Tomalak
R.R.W. Ael Kaleh
Fleet Press Office
Fleet Administration Department
101st Fleet

//// End of Transmission ///

Equator Website – GOES LIVE – 1st June 2014

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May 302014

I am please to announce to everyone in the 101st fleet, that beta testing has been completed on the Equator alliance website and we are ready to go LIVE so that all members of the alliance can join up. The Equator website will be going live on 1st June 2014 (American Time)


The equator alliance website is very similar to our own. It is a area all alliance members can come together and communicate, share resources, builds, stories and discuss all sort of things dealing with Star Trek Online. This resource will allow alliance members to communicate easier in relation to inter-fleet actions and activities. It also allows us to easier pool our resources and to organise Fleet Alliance based activities.

I encourage all 101st Fleet members to join up to the website and to start communicating with your fellow alliance members. The main website address is below.

We in the 101st Fleet Senior Command and Equator Alliance Council are excited for this new resource and eagerly look forward to you joining us to continue to work together as a team experiencing and having fun in star trek online.

Happy Warp Speed everyone, See you ingame 🙂

Featured Ship of the Month: U.S.S. Juggernaut

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May 012014

Hail fleet; Captain Bill again with the 101st’s Featured Ship of the Month! For May, we’re proud to feature Captain Saleen’s U.S.S. Juggernaut, a Voth Bastion Flight-Deck Cruiser. Captain Saleen is notorious for having good luck with lock-boxes, but it isn’t all luck on the battlefield! The Juggernaut is named so for a good reason, and Saleen’s prowess in the command chair only serves to compliment the Juggernaut’s abilities. Its combination of Voth weaponry, Dyson Joint Command systems, and fleet equipment make it a deadly force to be reckoned with. Here are a few images of the ship herself, and you can check out the Juggernaut’s equipment loadout after the jump!




U.S.S. Juggernaut loadout

Captain Dennis William Anderson
U.S.S. Biliskner - NCC-101305-A
Fleet Administrative Office

Featured Ship of the Month: U.S.S. Reisen

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Apr 152014

Hello Captains, this is Captain Bill with this month’s featured ship! This month, we’re honoring Captain Ulaan’s U.S.S. Reisen, a fiesty little Comet class that can and will be a thorn in your nacelles if you don’t watch yourself! I’ve had the pleasure of flying alongside Captain Ulaan for several months now and I can say it’s amazing what his crew can pull off. U.S.S. Reisen is currently in drydock at Starbase 1–she’s being refit with new systems, courtesy of the reverse engineers in the Solanae Dyson Sphere, in response to the new threat from the Undine. Check out U.S.S. Reisen’s loadout page after the jump!

U.S.S. Reisen Ship Loadout

Captain Dennis William Anderson
U.S.S. Biliskner - NCC-101305-A
Fleet Administrative Office

Season 9 Releases – Tuesday 22nd April 2014

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Apr 102014

Hello all 101st Fleet members.

We have confirmation; Season 9 releases on Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

I was honesty surprised by this release date; as I considered that Cryptic wouldn’t release a Major season right after the Easter long weekend; guess I was wrong :). Because of this; I am pushing back the “State of the Fleet” Blog from Saturday 19th April 2014; to Thursday 24th April; to capture the new season details as they go “LIVE” on star trek online.

Also; Cryptic have released a video with what has occurred so far in our universe; if you havent completed any of the recent Featured Episodes please do not watch as it contains spoilers.

Previously; on Star Trek Online – Youtube Video

Also the video contains a Cryptic message “Stay Tuned for more info about the conclusion of the story featured here in this amazing spotlight of the most dramatic scenes from Star Trek Online”

We know another featured episode is coming in Season 9; and that there will be another featured episode after that. I shall some serious story line is headed our way; make sure you and your ship are ready for what I think will be a extremely good period for story missions.


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