Starfleet Carrier Classification Starships


In Star Trek Universe as much as in normal circumstances any Starship would be able to launch a couple of runabouts and/or small fighters to assist it in battle. For the purpose of the game the Carriers are an entirely separate classification of ships. If we wanted to categorize them in the Canon Universe it would be that of a Dreadnought, a Flagship or a Battleship.

The only “real” Flagship/Battleship/Dreadnought in game on the Federation side at the moment is the Atrox. As it is the largest vessel in the Starfleet, and due to its massive size it is also the slowest and least maneuverable. There are however, other starships on the Federation side that do employ hangar pets and are included in this section.

This weakness is offset though by the vessels ability to launch carrier pets and other small craft to aid it in combat. Carriers have a number of hangar bays that can be equipped with different crafts. For example, a Vo’quv Carrier can launch carrier pets such as B’rel Birds-of-Prey or To’Duj Fighters to draw fire or attack a target, or it can launch debuff pets such as Power Siphon Drones or Tachyon Drones that will automatically weaken the opponent. Consoles have no effect on pets, however target applied buffs like Attack Pattern Beta and Fire On My Mark will. Flight Deck Duty Officers also have different effects that will modify carrier pets based upon current carrier commands like Recall Mode, Intercept Mode, and Escort Mode.

Ship Name Rank Hull Strength Shield Modifier Fore Weapons Aft Weapons Crew Size Consoles Bridge Officers Hangar Size Hangar Default Pet Cost

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