Blockade Runner Escort


Ship Name: [gs Blockade Runner Escort]
Rank: Lieutenant
Tier: 1
Classification: Escort
Type: Runner
Base Class: Steamrunner Class
Impulse Modifier: 0.21
Turn Rate: 16
Hull Strength: 11000
Shield Modifier: 1.0
Inertia Rating: 50
Fore Weapons: 2
Aft Weapons: 1
Crew Size: 200
Consoles: x2 x1 x1
Device Slots:
Bridge Officers:
Bonus Power: +10 weapons
Bonus Consoles Included: Console – Universal – Resonance Cascade Modulator
Cost: N/A
Notes: Can equip dual cannons. /Steam Starter pack
Variants: N/A

The ship is available as part of the Steam Starter Pack, and is purchasable through Steam for $24.99 USD.

The Blockade Runner Escort is a Lieutenant level (Tier 1) Federation Escort.

The Steamrunner class has been around since the late 24th century, but due to it’s reliability and effectiveness, it is still in limited use today. The Steamrunner class saw significant action in the Battle of Sector 001 against The Borg, as well as countless battles and sorties during the Dominion War. Simply put, the Steamrunner is fast, agile, and tough.

The Blockade Runner Escort comes with a Console – Universal – Resonance Cascade Modulator, which can enhance a team’s shields for a limited time by eliminating bleedthrough from normal attacks, and decreasing overall damage sustained by the team’s shields.

The Steamrunner-class starship’s design serves as the basis for the 25th-century Zephyr-class Heavy Escort, and pioneered many of the Zephyr’s signature design features. These include unusual catamaran nacelles that are mounted directly onto the saucer section and a trailing secondary hull, suspended between the nacelles. Thus the Steamrunner’s nacelles effectively double up as the pylons connecting the saucer and secondary hull.

Unlike the Zephyr-class, though, the Steamrunner’s deflector is not mounted on the saucer but on the trailing secondary hull, akin to the mission/weapons pod on an Akira-class ship. Like the NX-class escort, the secondary hull hangs below the saucer, with the connecting struts angling down. The saucer itself resembles an upside-down spade blade, sloping downward from the nacelles.

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