Multi-Vector Advanced Escort


Ship name: [gs Multi-Vector Advanced Escort]
Rank: Vice Admiral
Tier: 5
Classification: Escort
Type: Frigate
Base Class: Prometheus Class
Impulse Modifier: 0.2
Turn rate: 16
Hull Strength: 31000
Shield Modifier 0.9
Inertia Rating: 70
Fore Weapons 4
Aft Weapons 3
Crew Size 150
Consoles: x4 x2 x3
Device Slots: 2
Bridge Officers:
Abilities: N/A
Bonus Power: +15 Weapons
Bonus Consoles Included: [Console – Universal – Multi-Vector Assault Module]
Cost: 2500 [gs Zen]
Notes: Can Equip Dual Cannons
Variants: Hephaestus, Cerberus, Phoenix

The Multi-Vector Advanced Escort is a Tier 5 (Vice Admiral) level Federation Escort. The first of these ships were sought after by pirates because of its power and advanced design. The vessel is small, and less accommodating for extensive engineering or science facilities. The Multi-Vector Advanced Escort’s weaponry, speed and maneuverability, though, make it a hard-to-hit threat in any engagement. It comes equipped with a [Multi-Vector Assault Module] universal console that allows the top (Alpha), middle (Beta), or bottom (Gamma) section to be flown.
Compared to the Advanced Escort the Multi-Vector Advanced Escort offers a different Bridge Officer setup, trading the Lieutenant Commander Tactical Bridge Officer for an equivalent Science slot. While this does lower the ship’s potential damage-dealing ability, it gives more access to high-level Science abilities, lending it to shield healing and debuffs in a more support-orientated role.

The ship’s main gimmick compared to other Escorts is the Multi-Vector Assault Mode. Allowing the ship to split into 3 independent sections, the Console allows the ship to inflict severe damage from multiple sources, overwhelming slower ships through numbers and DPS.

Prometheus Class:The Prometheus class is one of the most versatile ships ever designed by Starfleet. Intended for combat, the original prototype USS Prometheus employed a multi-vector assault mode; the ship divides into three semi-autonomous sections capable of fighting independently from each other. Each section is also capable of achieving warp speed. According to the Star Trek Online ship description, the multi-vector aspect was removed due to moving parts that were easy to damage.

Cerberus Class:Unlike other Starfleet ships designed for exploration with defense as a secondary concern, the Cerberus is primarily a warship. While it resembles the experimental (and slightly larger) U.S.S. Prometheus, that doesn’t mean it’s not an impressive warship.

Phoenix Class:Phoenix Class resembles earlier Starfleet designs that opt for a more dome-like saucer section and a shorter base. The nacelles are also the shortest but significantly wider. Its very nimble and efficient design may allay initial fears as a warship but it’s essentially a wolf in sheep’s clothing that’s just as capable as other Prometheus variants.

Hephaestus Class:The Hephaestus class is more angular than other Advanced Escort designs, dominated by straight lines and sharp edges. Its saucer has a sharp “nose” and small fins link the hull to the ventral surface. This class was previously available as an extra ship skin at the C-Store for 440 Zen, but as of Season 7 is exclusive to the Fleet Advanced Escort. Players who purchased the skin prior to the Season 7 update may still use the Hephaestus skin on any Advanced Escorts or Multi-Vector Advanced Escorts they own.

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