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Topic: Tour the Galaxy (March 2015)
Lujayne Elea
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Tour the Galaxy (March 2015)
on: March 17, 2015, 01:19

Via discussion in fleet chat this evening, I was asked to publish my Tour the Galaxy route. I think I unofficially hold the fleet record for fastest Tour the Galaxy at approximately 9:15/15:00. If I'm wrong, congrats on your fast ship. Anyways, here it is. This is published on the acknowledgement that I am:

A) using my Vesta, USS Righetti, which has 2x slipstream duration and 4x slipstream turn capability

B) Full Driver Coil skills

C) With Borg Sub-Transwarp engines = Warp 20.93

D) With Slipstream, velocity = Warp 43.05


1) You no longer need to start at Earth Space Dock. Start in the Teneebia sector up against the warp barrier to the Iota Pavonis Sector. As soon as you hear the "sector accomplished" noise in Teneebia, warp to Iota Pavonis.

2) Aim for the intersection of all 4 Iota Pavonis sectors and loop around them. Straight line back to the Alpha Centauri block, then angle left and head towards the Psi Velorum block.

S) Upon entering the Psi Velorum block, angle towards the far sector's bottom border and engage Slipstream

3) Pi Canis Block is the 'hardest' part of the course, fly all the way to border of the Mempa sector, then cut engines, turn around, and then full speed down to the Eta Eridani Block. Not very efficient, but what can you do?

S) Upon entering Regulus Block from Eta Eridani, angle towards the Argellius sector's western border and engage Slipstream #2

4) In the Sirius sector, angle towards the border of the Orion sector and Beta Ursae. Warp to Beta Ursae after getting credit for Orion sector.

5) This is the easiest part to screw up: Angle towards the south part of the Kalandra Sector, but DO NOT warp to the Alpha Trianguli Block yet. Instead, wait until you get the message ASKING if you want to warp, and re-engage your engines until you reach the Bajor sector and get credit for visiting. Then click YES on "Do you want to warp to Alpha Trianguli Sector Block?". You will end up in the Dorvan sector and then it's just a straight sprint across Alpha Trianguli as fast as possible (use slipstream if available)

6) Aim for the center of the Zeta Andromadae sector and get credit for all 4 in a small space, loop around and head back to Beta Ursae, then proceeding up to the Orellius Block.

7) Angle towards the Deferi Sector/ Raveh Sector/ Eta Eridani border intersection, then warp to Eta Eridani once you have both Orellius sectors. Proceed up to the Risa Sector from there

8) Aim straight for the Transwarp Gate and go to Gamma Orionis Block, NOT the task force. You'll waste 20-40 seconds if you click the wrong one.

9) Angle towards the 4-sector border in the center of Gamma Orionis, then sprint to the Pelia Block for the finish.

T) Transwarp back to ESD or wherever you want to go.

Questions? Do you have a better route? Post it.

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