Starfleet Uniforms, Ranks and Divisions


Official Star Trek Online 25th century Uniforms

On the following table we present the styles and colors of the official uniform of the Starfleet as we see it used on the current timeline.

Flag Officers
Rank: Vice Admiral and above
Same as Line Officer
Same as Line Officer
Commanding Officers
Note: Officer in charge of a vessel and/or station
Same as Line Officer
Same as Line Officer
Line Officers
Note: Academy graduate non-provisional officers from Ensign to Fleet Captain
Medical Officers
Note: All medical officers Flag, line or provisional.
Same as Line Officer
Enlisted/Provisional Officers
Note: Enlisted personnel from any rank and provisional officers
Academy Cadets
Note: Starfleet Academy pre-graduates
General Notes:
1) Odyssey Tactical Outfit is called Odyssey Excursion in game.
2) Odyssey Long Jacket outfit is a veteran unlock for 200 days.
3) Players who previously owned the Odyssey outfit (now called Odyssey Basic) can obtain the Odyssey Excursion and Odyssey Dress outfits for free from the Fleet Tailor.

Other Uniforms

Here we present you the various colors and types of uniforms as well as the rank insignia, or pips and the division colors. Within the Star Trek Universe and various franchises the uniforms have changed time and again as have the colors and insignias.

1) Starfleet Uniforms Collection [Duty – Dress] (TNG style )

Starfleet Uniforms

2) Starfleet 25th Century Duty Uniforms (Sierra 1 Variations)

25th Century Uniforms

3) Starfleet Dress Uniforms(In game it’s the Diplomat Coat that you get from Diplomacy Commendation)

Dress Uniforms

4) Starfleet Standard Rank Insignia for Duty Uniform

Starfleet Rank Pips

5) Starfleet Rank/Division Insignias and colors

Starfleet Rank Dress Uniform by Stendor

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