State of the Fleet


State of the Fleet – September 2013

Welcome Everyone to the 101st Fleet State of the Fleet post for the month of September 2013.

This is Fleet Admiral Aaron and these monthly posts are a attempt to let Fleet members know what is going on in the 101st Fleet; official updates from Cryptic; important news and other tipbits.

First off; U.S.S. Zuikaku NCC-93522; my flagship is the current 101st Fleet ship of the month; check it out for all the details on her build as well as several screenshots. We also are looking for people to raise their hand to have their ship a featured ship for the 101st Fleet on our website. If you are interesting head to our forums section and put your hand up for nominated; Vice Admiral Jim; our hard working website admin; would then most likely be on contact to let you know if your ship will be the next featured ship.

Also; our forums are looking kinda of spare right now; so lets get in there and start using them. There is a section to discuss your ships build; espically if you are looking for advice on how to improve; or other things you can do. There are also a couple of guides I wrote up for using tools that can make your Star Trek Online experience more enjoyable. We are also looking for any budding short story writers out there who may want to write a short story about they in-game character; like if you were writing for a episode of Star Trek. Also if you have ideas about what may go good in the forums please let us know; we are always looking for ideas; as remember; this is the FLEET’s website; the community’s website; don’t be sly 🙂

The Equatorial Alliance continues to grow and I have been hearing nothing but good things from the other alliance members about the 101st Fleet; even so much so as one of the major ambassdors of the alliance said that the 101st Fleet has “lots of potential”. I have also heard that lots of our fleet members have been benefitting from other people to talk to; run events with; and get advice and test run of builds off; this is great to hear and I am very proud of everyone who is holding up the alliance and being extremely friendly; keep it up guys. Remember; if you want to connect to the chat channel for the equatorial alliance; search for the chat channel named “Equator”

For all of you that don’t know; Season 8 pre testing seems to have begun on the “tribble” test server; Cryptic have also changed it so only Gold members and Lifetime members can access the “tribble” server until further notice. For all of those who want to log into a testing server for the game; you will now have to go to “Redshirt” server. Also; in the latest patch notes; LOBI; which you received from lock boxes; is now going account bound; which means if you have LOBI spread over multiple characters; you can now place it onto one character of your choosing and buy the elusive ship if you want too.

Our Dilithium mine heads towards a complete tier 2; as we now only have the upgrade to tier 2 project left. Also we still need 1 million dilithum for the upgrade to a tier 3 embassy which would be the last upgrade project for that fleet holding; so if you got some spare dilithium; chip a tiny bit of it into that project; lets complete the Embassy fully for the 101st Fleets first completed fleet holding. Also; the Crystal Entity special event is making a comeback today; with another potential chance to win a one time reward of 50K dilithium; espically for Romulan characters who weren’t around the last time the event was run; it is going to be a fun time.

Cryptic’s featured episode; which had been scheduled to be released before the end of September; has been delayed for a unknown amount of time. For those of you who don’t know; there is a featured episode coming up featuring the species of “Voth” who were in one episode of Star Trek Voyager (Season 3); rumour is that there is a special reward of a Voth ship for completing the mission; but exactly what ship we do not know yet.

Fleet Command would also like to welcome Vice Admiral Archer (now Angela) promotion to full Fleet admiral; and a seat at Fleet command. Fleet Admiral Angela has been promoted to assist Fleet Command while Fleet Admiral Ellic is on deep space assignment. So far Fleet Admiral Angela seems to be setting in nicely and is enjoying her new role (and I am betting the larger crew quarters too 🙂 )

Next months “State of the Fleet” should hopefully have more information on the upcoming Season 8 release (slated for late November) until then; I wish everyone happy times and I will see you in game.

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