Article 5 – Organization


Article 5 – Organization

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  • 5-1. Fleet Junior Administrative Officers
  • 5-2. Fleet Senior Administrative Officers
  • 5-3. Fleet Administrative Command
  • 5-4. Chain of Command
  • 5-1. Fleet Junior Administrative Officers
    As Fleet Junior Administrative Officers are defined all members that hold the rank of Fleet Captain. Fleet Captains in addition to the benefits and obligations stated on Article 2, Section 2-4, Paragraph E; they can be appointed as moderators to Fleet Holonet Frequency channels, as trainers for junior members and as deputies on the various Fleet Offices. Fleet Captains who intentionally or by negligence (see Article 7) abstain from their duties, they will be summoned by the Disciplinary Tribunal Board for a hearing with possibility of demotion, as stated on Article 7. Fleet Captains in violation of the above can be tried in absentia.
    5-2. Fleet Senior Administrative Officers
    As Fleet Senior Officers are defined all members that hold the rank of Fleet Vice Admiral and Fleet Admiral. Fleet Vice Admirals belong to the Fleet Administrative Command, while Fleet Admirals to the Fleet Command. Those two parties oversee the fleet and make sure for the operational status of the fleet, that all laws and regulations of the Starfleet, United Federation of Planets and the Fleet are held into account, and that all directives are met. As with Fleet Captains, Senior Officers who are either intentionally or by negligence abstain from their duties will be put to trial under penalty of demotion (as per Article 7) with the following differences:

    1. Fleet Vice Admirals are summoned and tried by the Fleet Disciplinary Tribunal Board, in the absence of the Chief Justice Officer (or in the rare case the active Chief Justice Officer is held in trial); a Fleet Admiral may take the Chair of the Board.
    2. Fleet Admirals are summoned and tried by a Disciplinary Tribunal consisted of the other two active Fleet Admirals and the Chief Justice Officer, in the absence of which another Fleet Vice Admiral may take his place. (As per chain of command standing seniority applies, see Article 5,Section 5-4)
    3. Both ranks are demoted to Captain upon a guilty verdict.

    5-3. Fleet Administrative Command
    Each Fleet Vice Admiral is assigned as head of a specific office which manages specific tasks of the Fleet’s administration. Each head of an office can appoint up to three Fleet Captains as deputies for the better management of fleet tasks. The Administrative offices are as follows (see also Appendix 2 – Table 2 – Fleet Administrative Offices):

    1. Fleet Logistics Office: The Fleet Logistics Office (FLO) monitors the Fleet provision levels and tries to maintain a minimum standard. It also oversees Fleet Projects and files reports to the Fleet Command. The head of the FLO is the Chief Logistics Officer (CLO).
    2. Fleet Finance Office: The Fleet Finance Office (FFO) monitors the Fleet Bank and tries to maintain safe levels of Energy Credits available. It also oversees the levels of available provisions in the Fleet Bank. Inspects bank withdrawals and deposits for irregularities, and finally oversees Fleet Trading. The head of the FFO is the Chief Finance Officer (CFO).
    3. Fleet Operations Office: The Fleet Operations Office (FOO) is tasked with the creation and successful organization of Fleet-wide operations and events. It oversees Fleet Task Forces and Special Task Forces, as well as Fleet Alerts. The head of the FOO is the Chief of Operations (COO).
    4. Fleet Administration Office: The Fleet Administration Office (FAO) is tasked with the general administration of the Fleet in all matters not specified by other offices. Specifically it oversees Fleet messaging, Fleet Mail Service, the good operation of all communications channels as well as any other tasks assigned to members are come to completion. The office also serves as secretariat for the Fleet Command. The head of the FAO is the Chief Administrator (CAO).
    5. Fleet Recruitment Office: The Fleet Recruitment Office (FRO) oversees the process of new additions to the fleet. It is also tasked with guiding new Fleet Ensigns for their quick and correct transition through the ranks. The head of the FRO is the Chief Recruitment Officer (CRO).
    6. Fleet Training Office: The Fleet Training Office (FTO) oversees the training of members, provides advice and promotes the gear appropriate for members. It also offers advice on the better equipping of a ship, shuttle or fighter of members. The head of the FTO is the Chief Instructor (CTO).
    7. Fleet Judge Advocate Office: The Fleet Judge Advocate Office (FJAO) is tasked with bringing justice for any transgressions held under fleet members as stated by the appropriate articles of the current and/or the United Federation of Planets Uniform Code of Military Justice. The head of the FJAO is the Chief Justice (CJO).
    8. Fleet Diplomatic Office: The Fleet Diplomatic Office (FDO) is tasked with overseeing and negotiating any possible alliance with the Fleet and/or the Federation on behalf of the Fleet. It is tasked with forming reports to the Fleet Command for all possible such alliances. It is also tasked with maintaining good relations on behalf of the fleet with any and all allies the fleet has. The head of the FDO is the Chief Diplomatic Officer (CFO).
    9. Fleet Security Office: The Fleet Security Office (FSO) is tasked with monitoring the Fleet for internal threats to the regulation, external threats to the Fleet in general, as well as, handling intelligence reports of enemy factions towards the fleet. The Security Office will bring offenders to justice and make sure for their safe transport to Federal Holding Facilities. The head of FSO is the Chief Security Officer (CSO).

    5-4. Chain of Command
    The Fleet structure and chain of command defined as follows:

    1. Fleet Command
    2. Chief Administrator
    3. Chief Justice
    4. Chief Security Officer
    5. Chief of Operations
    6. Chief Diplomatic Officer
    7. Chief Finance Officer
    8. Chief Logistics Officer
    9. Chief Instructor
    10. Chief Recruitment Officer
    11. Fleet Vice Admiral detached to the Starfleet Command
    12. Deputy Administrator
    13. Deputy Judge Advocate
    14. Deputy Security Officer
    15. Deputy of Operations
    16. Deputy Diplomatic Officer
    17. Deputy Finance Officer
    18. Deputy Logistics Officer
    19. Deputy Instructor
    20. Deputy Recruitment Officer
    21. Fleet Captain
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