Fleet Disciplinary Board


This is the 101st Fleet Disciplinary Board as it is stated in the regulation and in accordance with Articles 6 and 7 of the Fleet Regulations.

Active Cases
Date Name Rank Charges Priors Sentence Duration
No Active Cases Recorded
Past Cases
Date Name Rank Charges Priors Sentence Duration
0000Z131130 Matthew FCpt. Cyber Bullying 3 Demotion to Ensign,
Reduction of FLC to 0
3 months
The Officer in question has been found guilty of cyber bullying another member. His sentence is to be demoted to Fleet Ensign and he will remain so for a period of 3 months in disregard of his contribution status. Further more the total of his Lifetime Contribution has been reduced to 0 and all when calculating his new contribution the total of his previous one will be deducted from it for all intents and purposes. He will be able to gain rank in the fleet in 3 months time from this day.
0000Z140206 Durran FCpt. Abusive Behaviour towards other fleets; AFK during matches; bringing 101st Fleets good name into question 2 expulsion from Fleet Permanent
The Officer in Question has been found guilty by senior Fleet Command of multiple charges. Including going AFK during Fleet events in a malicious manner; Abusive behaviour towards other fleets; and bringing the 101st Fleet’s good name into question. The sentence is immediate expulsion from the fleet with no chance of returning.
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